Please help...... board isn't working :(

Hello, sorry for the desperate title but I need help, my board is not working and im not sure what the problem is. I rode it yesterday and all of a sudden it just stopped working, I am not sure if the FOC BOXes are fried or if its just a simple fix but yeah.IMG_5466 IMG_5469

the lights on both FOC BOX’s are lit up, both power and signal, the controller lit up too. im not sure whats wrong here…please help me!

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Check all you connection, and can you give us a little more detail?

I double checked all the connections and made sure they were tight. Maybe the phase leads came off during my ride? would that do anything?

Some more info I can provide is the board is a 12s4p, 97mm, 18T/36T, with two sk3 192kv motors and i have this controller.

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I am also connecting the two FOC BOX’s with a canbus and i have it configured to have a master vesc and a slave one and the master one is the one that has the controller receiver connected to

check the phase wires

i just checked, they have a solid connection, i feel like theres a problem with the controller, how can i verify this?

Plug in the VESC to a computer and check for faults using the Tool

how do i do that?

When the board is on and your USB is connected to the controller, open up the terminal in the vesc tool and type"faults" without quotes.

It should display any issues it detects.

sounds like no motor detection was performed


it says “No faults registered since startup”

what does that mean and what did it to to the board

He set them up in a master slave config so I’m sure he actually programmed them

Connect your remote and view the live data. Is your board registering any throttle? The green bar should increase and decrease for throttle and brake.

When you give throttle do the lights change on the Focbox? If not there is a problem with the receiver

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its not showing any throttle what so ever


no lights change.

Check you remote connection

That means the Focbox is not getting a signal from the receiver

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Ding ding ding!