Please help! I am not sure how to program my ESC, and I don't want to make a mistake

So, I have one of these: and a compatible programming card.

These are my problems:

  • My ESC only has a signal wire, while some tutorials show ESCs with dedicated signal AND programming wires.
  • On the product page of the ESC it says that there is a 5-12V BEC included. Does this mean that I don’t need external power to the programming card, and it is enough to only plug the signal wire in?

These ones are kind of stupid, but better safe than sorry, right?

  • What does “BEC: 5-12V/5-8A SBEC” mean? Is it 5V or is it 12V? Just asking because I think I would fry my receiver with 12 volts…
  • Do I have to have my motor connected while programming the ESC?

Sorry if this has been asked, but I couldn’t find a similar thread at the first glance. Thanks for your help in advance.

I’ve never seen this particular ESC… but i did stay in a holiday day inn express last night!

I see your confusion on the BEC voltage output. I would guess there is a toggle to select 5v or 12v. Agreed - 12v to your Rx would be bad. Their site info for the ESC is pretty poor w/ no additional info. Did it come w/ any documentation that might be more specific?

Worst case - multimeter! I’d measure actual voltage to ensure it’s safe to connect to Rx.

You don’t need to have motor connected to program. It’s good to test and tweak so you can minimize some of the cogging as you program or try settings for best performance. But you’ll really need to test and tweak usually - especially for brakes!


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Thanks for the reply! So do you think it would be enough to only plug that single cable in to the programming card?

It’s been a minute since i’ve programmed an XERUN which is similar.

Looking at FVT programming LCD card:

So i’d guess we need power supplied and the ESC lead. I think i struggled with this last time i tweaked my XERUN, and found a youtube on programming which helped.

Do you have the ESC already?

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Yes, I have it. It is also known under “Sleeping lion”. It is mainly used in mountainboards.

HI man! Yes, you need to connect your motor to it. It is 5V BEC don’t you worry

  • connect motor to esc
  • connect programcard to your esc (only with the signal wire)
  • connect battery to esc an power the esc on That should be all and the programcard must turn on If you’re done just power off and remove battery This is my esc, I know its another one but works the same to program. Do you have some pictures of you esc,motor,programcard and battery which you wanna post?
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Thanks for the reply!

I have:

  • The ESC I linked
  • An SK3 6374 192KV motor
  • 2*5000mah 4S lipo (making an 8S)
  • The same programming card as you

My only question left is that connecting motors is a must, or it is only good for seeing the response in changes?

You mean the 3 motorwires? Just connect them random, you can’t connect them wrong. And yeah the motor will beep when you save a setting which you programmed.

Thanks for the reply, but I was asking if you have to connect the motorwires WHILE programming the esc. I’ve had experience with brushless motors before, so I know the basics of how to use them. Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I would just rather keep the motor dsconnected because the bullet connectors have not arrived yet, so I would have to solder them together.

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no i am not i am just worried i dont want to fry my motor its a sk3 192 kv running of a 10s3p and it says that the motor max is 80 a and i put it at 60 but i want the thing to go faster but not lose much battery pls help

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