**please help** kaly.nyc / ernesto

I ordered an XL 2.0 Carver (not a custom, just the black version) from Ernesto at the beginning of May. It took me over a year to set aside the money needed to purchase a board of this caliber (just a warehouse worker, don’t make much $$), which was going to be a surprise gift for my oldest son for his hard work/good grades etc. His website states the shipping address must match the address associated with the credit card. Since it was going to be a surprise gift, I gave the money to my best friend so that he could place the order and have it arrive at his house where I could swing by and pick it up after work when it arrived.

A few days later, my 2 year old son was diagnosed with some pretty serious respiratory problems. Specialized equipment had to be purchased - breathing machine, inhaler for infants, and a plethora of medications - most of which were not covered by my insurance. So the money spent on my oldest son’s gift has to be used for this, unfortunately.

HERE’S THE PROBLEM - My friend who placed the order and I have sent countless emails since the beginning of May to his [email protected] email address on his website as well as to [email protected] letting him know of the situation and that we regretfully need to cancel Order#10036 and receive a refund. The ONLY response we were given from Ernesto was “I’ll look into it.” Since then, POOF - he has disappeared completely.

I really don’t know what else to do, which is why I signed up on this forum today. I’m trying real hard not to bash this guy online on any site I can find so I’m reaching out to you guys and gals. HOW DO YOU GET THIS GUY TO RESPOND TO ANY REQUEST? Especially one this serious to someone’s child/family. Is he really this bad at running a business or assisting people who spend almost $3K on his product? I feel like I just got ripped off by a guy in a Bronx basement.

If any one on this forum has a direct way of reaching this guy PLEASE let me know. Or better yet, if any one actually knows the guy and could light a fire under his butt to take care of this, that would be even better. Frankly I’m absolutely sick of dealing with him. Thank you and sorry for the extremely long post.

And for any one who is using this site to research the best eboard to make a future purchase as I did … go Lacroix. I hear Alex and Pat are outstanding at customer service on top of providing a high caliber board. Don’t get sucked into how awesome the Kaly’s look.

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I guess you can’t sent pm‘s yet, but @Kaly is the man you looking for. I‘m sure he will come back to you and your issue pretty soon. After he was tagged in this thread now he will get a notification.

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He is a busy guy and I’m sure will take care of this, you will need to give him some time.

Hope your son starts doing better soon man :frowning:


Yeah, get sucked into how great they preform.


I too am in the boat of Ernesto’s Disappearance. A Kaly 2.0 Deck is what I ordered, #10027

Im sorry to hear about your son, if its any ease to your mind, from a young age I suffered from serious respiratory issues after growing up in a house full of mold, but have healed fully overtime. I hope he recovers swiftly :heart:

I suppose Ernesto has a reason, but seeing as he was on the forum 2/3 days ago, and ignored my PMs, as well as other customers isnt hope inspiring :frowning:

I suspect he will be back soon. Like other professional builders/vendors(whatever name you prefer), reading the forum isnt an everyday activity for him, so these periods of low communication have happened before.

It would be nice to get a direct response though :v


Wow, that’s all you absorbed from the entire post huh?


Thanks for the kind words man, and sorry you’ve had to endure his lack of professionalism as well. Take care


Lemme help you really quick friend.

Kaly is respected here, I appreciate you are struggling with communication and I am sorry that your son has issues, I know the feeling of being helpless when little people are going through stuff.

Cool your engines though. You made a thread, it could have got you a reply and some understanding from the community but you chose to make it a pseudo-rant instead.

That sort of attitude will not go well here, this community will shit on it. That’s life.


Yeah, still a noob on here. But will definitely be sending PMs when I can. I always used forums for research, never joined one. But at this point I really didn’t know what else to do but to reach out to this community for help.

Basically this dude. Just didn’t feel like typing all that. He didn’t fuck you over. It’s not his fault life happened. Just be glad he’s a real dude that will probably understand. Some companies wouldn’t care about personal hardships and needing your money back. These aren’t giant companies with tons of employees. These are small groups of people, enthusiasts running companies.

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Ernesto was in an accident about a month ago and I believe he is still recovering, he should be back soon

They haven’t so far, and I think the fact I did my research for over a year and finally decided to spend it with Kaly should show you I do have respect for the product. The business ethics at play are my problem, not the product. Calm down

You’re the one that needs to calm down, two weeks in esk8 time is a joke

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I’ll think you’ll find that I am extremely calm. I fear you might need to put your beans in the fridge though.

Good luck :heart:

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Try 4 hours, not 2 weeks. The amount of time ‘registered’ on this forum doesn’t change a thing about the facts at hand. I was able to read and research all the same posts as a guest for the past year.

I enjoy how a little banter brings out the personality. You seem like a really cool dude.

What are you taking about? I didn’t bring up how long you been on the site. You said you ordered in early May. It’s the 24th so it’s been about two and a half weeks since you ordered.

Will do. No anger here, just looking for solutions to the posted problem.

sry to hear abt ur kid, im sure kaly will help out once he has recovered. I would, for the future, state the facts and not say the rest cause ppl will crap on that on this forum.

I gotcha, sorry. How long do you take to respond to an email request at the business you own? You’e pretty quick on this forum so I suspect not too long.