Please help me confirm a faulty BMS?

Hey guys, can anyone confirm with me if this BMS is faulty? Reason why I suspect it is that the balance lead connector port appears to be displaced. Instead of going from B1-B10, it spans from B2-B11, as shown in the pictures.

I’ve already connected the unit to my 10S pack and the voltmeter measured no output so I am assuming this is the culprit. If anyone has knowledge on BMS, please confirm it with me.

Thanks in advance

The silkscreen is offset/displaced

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thanks Sander, yeah I didn’t notice that they were offset and displaced, which makes the configuration correct B1-B10. Also, it’s working now! There was a bad wire in one of the battery leads

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This is eventually what I want to build to replace all faulty BMS’es [1]

TL;DW: using a hobby charger you can wire all the cells individualy for charging, and little voltage alarms used in RC for a constant read [2]. this can triple your battery pack life, especially if it’s made out of salvaged laptop batteries.



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Hi My batteries not discharging properly and I think its an issue with the BMS. Attached image shows the card and a close up of a 1m chip out of alignment. Is this a defect? The supplier says its not.

I new so, can only post one image. Its column B11+ (see the brand name text. Go 3 down 3 across and theres the tiny offset chip)