Please help me out with my build :)

Hey! So im thinking about building an esk8, but i dont have any experience on it, so i wanted to hear you guys oppinions and maybe get some help :wink:

Right now my setup looks like this Motor:

Esc: i dont know yet, and i dont know which one to get… which one from hobbyking would suit this build?




I think (according to my research) this will give me decent torque and speed right?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

And does anyone know a cheap (but good) option for a motor mount?

Here is a good vesc: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/

You also forgot about pulleys and the chain so that the motor can turn your wheel.

I would answer more questions but my knowledge is limited right now as I have never built a esk8board yet.

This one depends on what wheel and truck you have, but check it out. There is also a entire kit you can get from this website. diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-only/

First, what’s your desire speed? Second, the range that you want. Third, how much you willing to spend? You got the most essential parts to build and electric skate but you need the skate before you can build the thing. You will need: deck grip tape 2x trucks 4 wheels 8x bearings motor mount pulleys belt battery charger male to male connect for your vesc/esc … Long story short, watch this video. You’ll get an idea of what to buy.