Please help me to setup the focbox unity I appreciate your help

Hello can you help me to setup up the focbox unity I have an dual 6s lipo 60c 8000mah 480a total I run them in series I have a dual 6374 149kv sensorless 70a motor max total and 12awg xt60 series cable and extension cable what is the ideal setting for my setup also i want to disable the reverse function I’m new to esk8 so please help me!!


Your questions have already been answered in the first place you asked, 20 hours ago. No need to start a new thread copy-pasting the same question.


Lol I think he wants more info

In that case:



remember to use that search function before creating a new thread

Here’s the unity thread


Thanks this is what I needed sorry for the new thread I want a little bit more info thanks.


All good, sorry if I sound disparaging. I just think everyone has to start somewhere, and taking the first step is always the most important

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@kevingraehl You have to configure your focbox using the BLDC tool. Yes, on a computer.

Here is a link that should help you


then i try to use the VESC tool… but windows only… ready to sell it all … I just want to ride… went 20 mph on a single motor, and speed control hooked up… but the want both… do i use the servo y cable with the one cable cut, and canbus? and like serial , need to make one send/receive ? they are both hooked up to send, usually in serial ways, the high goes to the low… can’t find a central youtube video on how to get a master/ slave… and what wires to hook up with… bought used with no instructions

What was the solution I am now having this problem

You have to use the VESC tool and have to flash the 2.18 firmware to use FOCBOX with BLDC tool