Please help! My board won’t charge

I checked the battery everything looks fine but it won’t charge :pensive: The charger has the full charge green light and won’t turn red



Was it charging before? Is your battery liion or lipo


Liion i can’t make sense of this hehe

@psychotiller here are some pictures

It may be wrong cell order, or a faulty charge port


It’s the second charge port

Not sure what is going on here…

Neg charge port lead goes to p- B1 on the bms goes to the neg batt terminal Pos charge port lead goes to the positive batt terminal.

There are no other connections to make other that your balance leads.


I will start with a charger, where do I buy a good 12s charger

I believe TB has a good one, but any 50.4v will do

Ok I just ordered another because everything on the battery seems fine

Thanks everyone for the help

Had a prob like this just the other day, turned out one wire on the b- had come loose. I spend about an hour checking everything until I finallly found the broken solder joint


ya i had a broken charge port cable. looked underneath the insulation and there it was.


I doubt this is a charger thing. Most likely a loose connection somewhere.

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Check continuity to ground from your charge - cable to battery ground. Do the same for the positive wire. Go from there

Ok I’ll do that because when I connect the charger and check the ables 50v are going though Could it be a lose connection on se negative on the battery to the bms