!please Help, my board won't run!

I’m about to go out with my dog to the local park and I do a quick pulse on the remote and it spins fine. I put the board on the ground and kick off and doesn’t go I thought it was just a loose connection inside so I switch it off and leave it at home. The build is this one just new motor and wheels and has been working fine since November. this is it - https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/esk8-build-to-get-to-school/75385 -

Here are some problems I’ve already checked this afternoon.

  • no loose connections
  • no VESC faults

We need more information. Do your vesc turn on? Do you battery output a voltage?

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So it does go with the board flipped upside down no weight but doesn’t go with someone on it?

yes it all works and connects just no motor action, battery is fine and the vesc turned on

no it doesn’t spin at all

does it spin or not?

no not anymore

ok never mind I’ve figured it out, the remote is broken because i went into bldc tool and looked at the live ppm when i pressed on the trigger and no movement so i just need a replacement remote or find a way to fix this one

Did you try motor detection again?

indeed i did try that

Does the motor spin?

yes 10 chars