Please help set up my vesc I really can't figure this out even with all the research I have done

Hi! I have been working on my own diy electric skateboard and i just got done putting everything together and i need help setting up my vesc if you could help me it would mean the world to me thank you!

here is what i have: 2 6S 4500mAh 22.2v 45c battery’s hooked up in parallel going into a torque esc vesc bldc electronic speed controller then for the motor i have a Electric Skateboard Motor 6374 190KV

i need help entering VESC settings

If you can please help me with it would mean a lot! Thank you!

PS. don’t worry its also got anti shock

If you haven’t read this yet then it would be really helpful.

If you need help for more specific stuff about vesc settings I’m sure someone could help. I’ll help as much as I can but I’m still pretty new at this.

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I’m sure a lot of people can help. But you’re not saying what you need help for. Entering VESC settings ? Plugin it to your computer ? Running the VESC software ? When asking for help, better be precise in what you need, rather than being super vague and not saying much…

Changed the lowercase "i’s in the title to uppercase.

Have you installed bldc tool and plugged the Vesc in your computer

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Yes and i have successfully detected the motor I just don’t know what to put in for the setting for current limits rpm limits and voltage limits. Sorry i don’t mean to be vague about anything i just don’t know alot about this.

any help means alot thank you

The link I sent will answer all your questions about current and voltage limits

For beginners I would say motor max at 60 and batt max at 25, max erpm limit at 60k, check limit erpm with negative torque. Min input voltage at 8v, max at 57, batt cutoff start at 22.2 batt cuttoff start at 22.1

Those are just some simple quick settings, ofc you should understand what each one does and play around with them if you want to

Please read the thread that @kyletrainy posted

And be sure turn off your board if you ever want to unplug the phase wires, and tape the phase wires if you ride, if they get shorted you’ll blow a drv

Thank you so much this helps alot im reading up on it right now!

Thank ill start off with these setting! this help’s so much thank you again! im reading up on everything about the vesc right now on the post @kyletrainy sent right now so i understand everything. thank you guys again it mean alot i would be so lost right now.

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