Please help with a Canadian parts list

So let’s just start off by saying that this is my first build, so far I have my board, which is a landyachtz switch 40, and I’m trying to outfit it with the esc and battery at the top back and the motors coming out the back like a mountain board. I don’t want to buy a super cheap esc and have it burn on me in the first 6 months of wear as I’m trying to replace my daily commute with an eboard. I have my motor mount, wheels trucks and pulleys, but no motor, battery or esc, and now I’m reading about bms and FOC and all kinds of things and it’s like swimming through seaweed trying to find out what I can spend my money on that I can afford that won’t break. My budget is around 600 (left) and I can’t afford the storm core, trampa has rediculous shipping rates and Canadian sellers for eboard parts are virtually non existent, and I am a bit choked because I’m already pretty invested in the build and spent a couple hundred already, and can’t seem to find reputable parts at a source that is readily available here in Canada.

This brings me to my main question, where do other Canadians get their parts? And preferably Canadian or American parts as I don’t want wait months for shipping or it kills the economics of why I am doing this in the first place (bus passes are costing me 100$ a month and another 80+ on Uber so I can break even if I switch for the summer) and can someone please break down a list of parts for a complete board available in Canada in the next month?

Also this is my first post here, a little background, I am a downhill free ride long boarder and I’ve been at it for 8 years on a longboard, I board daily and it is my main method of transportation.


Get out! While you can :joy:

Try and find some second hand parts which are solid. OG foxbox 1.7’s ?

If you’re on a budget, single motor is cheapest and can still get you there with pace.

This forum is pretty quiet, might be worth having a look around for other places with more active users.

Any clue where to look? Also single motor was the plan, which means I only need a single motor esc/vesc, and that should bring the price down a bit too. Thanks :blush:

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Buy and sell pages on the two links I included?

@Chema will you send this guy that single esc from your build?

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So I made an account on esk8, replied in a forum looking to sell parts asking what the guy had left, and my account was instantly locked and has been ever since. Not sure what I did wrong but seeing as it’s been 24 hours I’m not sure they will undo it, I’ll try the other one you tried

Have tried to sort it out for ya

Has that happened before? Like locked out?

Messaged LHB and xsynatic for him

No, it was my first post on the forum and I haven’t made another account

Thank you :blush: I appreciate your help a lot

What’s your name on there? LHB is looking at it but needs to know that so he can find it.

Just spookyjuice, no numbers no space

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Sorted bro. Level 2 access :call_me_hand:

Locked for typing too fast. Cool them fingertips

Oof I didn’t even know that was a thing :joy::joy::joy: thanks though I appreciate it lots

Just an update, I think I found a different used deck (marble carbon fibre) with all the parts (battery, esc, motor, drivetrain, back truck and wiring) however it’s apparently not running(but the batteries hold a charge). At 80 usd + shipping is this as big of a steal as I think it is? I hate to lose the drop deck design that I love from my switch but it would be worth it to me to have all of the parts enclosed

This is what I’m looking at

Or would I be wasting money better spent elsewhere?