Please, help with project. 2 x 6354 260kv/2 x X-Car Beast/6 x 4.2Ah 2S 25C Lipo.First eSk8 build.Starting to make a great board

Hello everybody!My name is Vlad, I’m from Russia. I’m a student of MEPhI. A few weeks ago I planned to build my own electric skateboard. It’s my first experience in construction like this. Well two days ago I wrote to a great builder called Tom @Idea , saw his works here. He advise me some of the parts for my project.

So, I plan to make E-board with this parts:

-Turnigy SK3 Aerodrive - 6354-260kv x 2 -HobbyKing® ™ X-Car Beast x 2 -Turnigy 4200mAh 2S 25C Lipo x 6 (I will make two paralleled stripes 6S each) -Caliber II 184/10/50 -Abec 11 Flywheels 83mm (Duro: 78A ) -Pulleys 15t/36t

Going to do regenerative brakes, but don’t know what ESC will be better for it.

I will be very pleased if you advise something good, what parts I need and what has to do in this project.

Really inspired on this project by @Idea and @Namasaki

P.S. Here my own 4-layer deck, 43""(109cm)

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Also what remote do you plan on using. Alot of people suggest using a vesc over a car ESC becuse they are designed for esk8. Also a good remote to use is a Gt2b they are very reliable and if you have a 3d printer you can make a smaller case for it. How do you plan on charging and turning it on and off. A cheap and efficient way to turn it on and off is to use a anti spark switch.

I’m going to use standard remote 2.4 GHz like the way you wrote for the start . I’m planning on make something like compact smart remote with all the necessary information in it, think it will be based on arduino.Well, for the first time I will charge batteries separately, cause i don’t have system with enough energy for the whole pack(However, I know that is silly) and I don’t think about switching -_-…thanks for the reminder.

You could get a bms I am doing a 12s1p with a bms we have a whole post about it then all you have to do is get a laptop charger with the same voltage as your batteries and you can keep them in the case at all times. I used to charge them sepertaly but I am getting annoyed and adding a bms.

Hi vlad, cool project. i have the same motor running it with the same ESC on 6s. But im first trying it in a kart i am building for my kinds. now the Problem i have is that the motor is to weak. It´s not possible to get the tires rotated. I can even stop the motor with my hand, and then it stops and beeps. Here i have a video: is your motor also so wake, that you can stop it with your hand? (i just can stop it wearing gloves, cause it gets very hot :) ) hope you can give me your feedback, because it makes me crazy, that a 2500w motor isnt able to get the tires spinning. Thanks, Marko

If you can get vesc, you will be better off with the application to configure them to your specifications in the future. Definitely try to get a BMS on your batteries - the hassle of taking out the batteries to put them on a parallel board to charge will become annoying after a week. Toms mounts are awesome, good purchase. The motors are good, I weigh 280# and the push me around at 10s voltage.

Are you using xt90 connectors?

Hi, Marko! Thank you.Woow, you know I haven’t ordered electronic parts yet.I just learn and read about these to select the better way.

I saw you video, I have not so many variations of the reason of this problem.So it can be:

-Problem with pulleys, may be you should increase the transfer function of you pulleys(but this is only in theory, cause I have not got so much experience in mechanics). -Batteries, but I think you checked it. -ESC, more precisely, settings of your ESC. -Problem in motor, like spoilage, defect during the production of it. I saw a lot videos and examples where people use these motors and there are no problems.

Here the man using the SK3 - 280kv -

Hello, Halifax!

Yeeeah, VESC will be better, but it is problem to me find vesc’s that suits to me, cause there is 70A on motors.And BMS I will buy, definitely. Wow, you have the same motors?And what about torque?How about acceleration from zero?

You should read another users builds and learn what parts they did use. For example dual 260kv with car escs is very unusual. What is your budget?

Think that ESC or VESC should be under 75$

You can’t get vesc under 75$ so you have to use escs… But i meant what is your budget with this whole build?

These motors are unsensored so you will get cogging, meaning, the motor will skip a couple of times before it engages to drive the belt, I haven’t tried to gun it from zero because I don’t want to flip off. The motors are rated to take only 70A in a burst, but the vesc can be configured not to deliver that amount of power continuously. I’ve configured my vesc to allow kick starts to over come the cogging and strengthen my legs for days when the batteries are low.

You can use car Esc, lookup E-Toxx builds to see what they did.

What we do here normally: On budget: 6s Lipos + RC Charger + Car ESC 6s + Motor about 245KV Fck my money, I wanna nice thing: 10S - 12S custom Liion + BMS + 2x Vesc + 2x 149KV - 200KV

If you wanna dual Car ESC, check out @lowGuido builds


So, about 530$.

Well, Halifax, there is a question: I’m gonna lose a lot of power if I restrict VESC to 50A or is it not critical in practice?And how about regenerative brakes, does it work good, does it feel?

If you restrict the flow that just means your not using up the power as fast. My weight makes regen brakes is a non value added feature - you’ll have to get that from a lighter rider

your battery setup is too complicated. get larger cells instead of doing 2p. that esc makes the worst sound while braking, and you get very little tuning.

the vesc is only 50a but it can do 12s so power is similar. fine tuning is 10000x better with vesc.

at that budget I think a single drive with vesc will beat out a dual drive with car esc.

So, guys, @saul, @halifax21 @TarzanHBK @Tuomalar@SyrusB, FCK the fckin budget! I will get 2xVESC, 2x260KV,BMS ,and better batteries.Well, with batteries and motors it’s all the good, I’ll buy them on HK. So where I can order good VESCs? I’m afraid of counterfeit.Is it a good idea to take it here ? And what BMS will be better?

lol in that case. 10s3p hg2 + bestech bms. dual ollin vesc 200kv or lower motors

that’ll get you 15miles range and > 30mph top speed.

It will be too expensive(