Please HELP with pulleys and belts (100mm MBS wheels)

Hi guys i am having trouble deciding what pulleys and belts to use on my board.

i have a 149kv 6374 motor 10s3p 30q battery pack i have got caliber 2’s and motor mount

but i am having problems deciding on what tooth size to get the the size of my wheels. i have done a lot of research but it just confuses me.

I have found these

Would they work for the wheels that i have?

Any help would be much appreciated, Many thanks

What wheels do you have?

i have these

Those have abec style hubs, so yes they will work.

Thanks. :slight_smile:. Will they not be too small for the wheels. Maybe they are designed for 80mm flywheel clones instead. What do you think?

You should be good.

Does anybody else have anther opinion im worried it wont work. thanks

This would work perfectly! But it’ll launch you with those big wheels and only 36T pulley. Maybe you have a friend that has a 3d printer or you have one yourself? You can always print wheel pulleys and test out what teeth ratio you like. They wear quicker but you can always print more or have them cut out of metal. Here might be a usefull link:

I didn’t notice you only had a 149kv motor, in that case the pulley ratio should be absolutely fine! Have fun shredding!

Thanks for the advice. I do have a 3d printer, if I wanted to end up changing the ratio, would I need to get a different length belt. And how would I know what size to get?

That’s great. Thanks man :+1:

Sometimes you would sometimes you wouldn’t. This is a helpfull tool to determine the belt lenth you need: You can always buy a few cheap htd-5m belts from ebay in different lengths and when you find the best ratio and length buy a quality one when the ebay one breaks :wink:

That’s great. Thank you soo much for all of the help. :smiley:

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