Please inform anything about the wooden deck of lou board 3.0


my wooden deck of lou 3.0 was damaged for a while.

couldn’t find any one provided in the world, also asked soflow…

is there any chance that a store has it in stock, or someone likes to sell his own wooden deck?

appreciate for your kind help.

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Did you try just ordering another from their website? Looks like they’re in stock.

If that doesnt work and they’re out of stock for some reason I would just look around for another deck and just transfer everything that isnt burnt over to a new one. Recommend first just contacting them thru the website and asking about that specific deck with a natural finish.

tks. asked. sold out long time ago.

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is there anyone who can kindly sell me your wooden deck?

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What country are you from? Did you check on feebay or maybe a local skate shop?

Are you aware that you have asked this literally 13 times already? Spanned over 4 threads.


I believe he is very aware…

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sorry. i’ve been searching it for a long while. just looking for a needle in a haystack.

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it’s hard to get the wooden deck. trying again

really need it. please help. thank u all.

could anyone sell me your wooden deck of lou board?

anyone sell me your wooden deck of lou board?

anyone can sell me the wooden deck?