[Please Send HELP!] I can't figure out how to connect my Focbox to my TB 6374 motor

I’m hoping this is just a stupid mistake on my part with a quick solution, but it doesn’t seem like I can connect my ENERTION Focbox’s to my TORQUE boards 6374 motors.

Anyone ideas? How can I get these two puppies connected?

Here are some pictures of what I’m talking about:

Here are some additional parts that came with my setup, but I’m not quite sure what they do (I have 6 of them, so I suspect they are used to connect the motor to the focbox, maybe…):

Cut (or desolder) the socket from the focbox, and solder the new larger sockets that came with the motor. The side with the little hole drilled in it goes onto the wire.


solder the right sized connectors onto the focbox.


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Have either of you seen any guides on how to go about this? I just want to make sure I do it the right way out of the gate.

you got a head start :sleepy:

search youtube for “how to solder bullets”

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Just remember that this will void your warranty

If I just plug in the FOCBOX to make sure it works with no motor connected to it, is there anyone in the BDLC tool I can use to make sure it is 100% functional, before I go cutting and soldering?

Cutting? How about desoldring?

You could also make some adapters like @scepterr did. They seem like the best way

I see this as the most easy job ever, however if I put myself in your shoes, being a person that hasn’t ever solder anything at all, it must be a hell of a problem, you don’t know what soldering station to use, what temperature to use, what the hell is Flux? Where can I buy bullet connectors? What is heat wrap for and why do I need it, what kind of lead solder I need? Damn, I feel you man


Watch a few of those YouTube videos. If it seems doable on your own then go for it. Then ask a few more questions. Do you know anyone who can solder? You also have to buy shrink wrap to cover up the connectors again just like they were. Also practice on something other than your focbox first.

Get adapters from @scepterr


As @Sender said, adapters are the way to go if you don’t want to void the Focbox warranty…

Those 3.5mm bullets on the focbox i think will go into the back of the extra bullets that came with the motors. I believe @longhairedboy does it like this?? Solder the bigger bullet over the smaller one. The easiest way though is just to grab the adaptors.