Plese help me understand why i got my drv error

Hi everyone!

Today my VESC 4.12 failed on me and i got the DRV error, but i want to understand why that happened before buying my next control or fixing this one.

I’m using a SK3 6374 168KV Motor with 97mm wheels and 48:12 reduction onm 10S. I’d consider my riding style and this setup as fairly efficient, i rarely use more than half of the throttle (still learning how to longboard) and it ran fine for a week in BLDC mode, but sometimes it would stop responding to my remote and i don’t know if it was the VESC or my Arduino remote system.

Now today i tried FOC and rode for about 3km slightly uphill and went that same route back with light braking. On the way back i hit a relatively big crack on the street, not that serious that my motor hit the ground but a bit more than the usual bumps in the street and from that moment on the VESC wouldn’t respond to my commands anymore and the red LED flashed.

What i want to know now is if those bumps are known to hurt the ESC or if it’s more likely to be caused by the FOC.

I am thankful for any input on this! (also on which VESC to buy next, FOCBOX?)

Here is my electronics box under the board and my VESC Settings:

The Motor wires aren’t under strain when mounted and i don’t think they touched somewhere, i’m using MT60 connectors for the motor.

I think it’s either motor is shorted wire or the vesc4.12 is faulty. and fox is not recommended. my vesc 4.12 fried too with no reason. generally I think 4.12 is unreliable. go with modified oilin’'s, focbox, vesc6.0 I’m using focbox I just ran 12km non stop with some hills and still works. focbox has some fuse to stop drvfault, at least that’s what I heard, but I still don’t use foc anyways.

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I had my VESC pop a fault after a long while of working fine. I punched it into reverse from a standstill… To this day I refuse to use reverse! That being said, it was the same exact chip that I’d had on the VESC after giving it the 'ol reverse-polarity treatment. If that caused it, the effects were delayed that long.

Sorry, but we can really only tell you what not to do (50,000 ERPM limit, maybe no reverse, no FOC). there’s nothing that can fix a toast DRV chip other than swapping it. Ollinboard co will repair their VESCs for free or a reasonable charge given the circumstances- where did you buy yours from?

Bought mine from but a friend of mine can change the chip for me. Unfortunately I totally fell in love with FOC while using it :sweat: