Plug connection?

Hello, i want to make a soldering, but i have tree connection, i guess? have a right way?


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Can’t tell from the pictures. Connect charger and measure them with a multimeter.

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ok, tomorrow i can use a multimeter

What about spade connection?o.O

I have one similar to that, I’m assuming that the plug your holding is a theee pin, and on the top of mine there is a small indent that only allows you to plug it in one way. The pin to the right of that should be the positive pin.

just use a multimeter and test for continuity

I measured, and this is the results. i guess is simple, the correct is 42, and the positive have to be connected in right (red).


PS. the third is the ground, e have todo like some old cars XD imagem


Noooooo no no no. Do not hook it up like that.

You need positive to positive, negative to negative.

The pin on the left, in the labeled photo, needs to go to the battery positive.

There are two additional pins, which are both negative. One is the complete ground, and that goes to the battery negative.

The other is just a sensor to detect if the plug is plugged in or not, it has a small spring pin thing that touches the outside of the plug. Do not charge the battery through that.

Also, I may have the last bit between the two negative one’s mixed up. I’m not sure which is better to use. Not harm in using both at the same time though.

@pedro please come back and read my post before it blows up :joy:




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i see, thank you, i’m just understand why the positive is the left, and not the right, because the multimeter read 42