Plugged 25.2v into 36v battery by accident... Should I be concerned?

Hey guys, I need some advice. Today I made a dumb mistake with the spider web of crap on my board… And need some experience battery guru to help me consider this situation.

I plugged my (BMS bypassed) 25.2v 6S battery directly into my half discharged 10S battery.

It sparked a little bit, just a few little spurts. I thought it was a little odd, plugged it in again and it sparked less… Then I remembered I should have plugged it into my boost converter before my main pack.

I noticed the voltage spike to 25.8 on the 6S battery momentarily, and it’s now charging my main pack as expected for a bit now and remaining at room temperature.

Since the BMS was bypassed for discharge on the 6S charging pack, I have a feeling the BMS for charging that up is fine, and since the voltage on the charge pack was 10V lower than the 10S pack, I have a feeling plugging low voltage into that through it’s charge port/BMS, that the 10S BMS (charge/discharge) is probably fine as well, just that it probably tried to discharge some amount of current into the 6S pack since it raised it’s voltage a bit over full charge.

Anyways, I only had the 6S pack plugged in for at max 10-15 seconds. What would you guys look out for? I am thinking doing a full charge/discharge of both packs and keeping a close eye on it to see if anything funny happens. I’d like to avoid a full disassembly if at all possible. Can you guys think of anything catastrophic that may have happened that I might be overlooking? I have no way to monitor the individual 10S p groups, but the 6S p groups are all still within +/- 0.3v discharging (my voltage alarm is a little inacurate). Thanks for the help guys…

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id start there, after a stiff drink. just dont be drunk enough to do it again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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As long as nothing looks melted it’s fine. Small duration, mostly small voltage gap. Send it.

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