Plugs and chargers

Hello builders, i’m in the final step for make my electric longboard, but i just need plugs and chargers, and i have been looking and do not have plugs for 42V, and the charger is like 3 Amp max… what plugs you use and chargers, i’m in europe by the way. and i will use a BMS

Thank for your help

There’s many options. 5.5 / 2.1 dc plug. Xt60. Etc

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I use Jack 5.5/2.1 as standard

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I used xlr in my first board and have a DC plug now with my current ride.

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42v chargers are often named 36v, because its nominal voltate for 10s batteries, but when you read specs they say max 42V.


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Yes. Did you have a question?

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