Plz help trying to make dual motors spin in the same direction using a single motor esc

Need help with my build. Check out the video for info. Thx. I’m using v1 boosted motors. Running on lipos 6s 60c 4000mah using only 1 right now but will be connecting a second one. and a 150A esc 720A burst current.

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It’s easy. But you will have issues

What color are your phase wires

1 Red. 2 black

And from the esc

What type of issues?

Color of wires

From esc they’re all black it’s a single motor esc so only 3 wires

Chinese from amazon

So hook them all together and swap 2. Understand? Lol

I did that but when one motors spins seems like regenerative breaking is trying to spin the other in the opposite direction so seems like its fighting against itself.

Sheesh, Super Confusing

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Then try swapping it one more time. But usually one esc for one motor. Just how it goes. I’ve done it for shits and giggles but it won’t last. I’d suggest a real vesc based dual esc. 120 bucks problem solved.

How long u think it will last

Will it be damaging esc or motors?

Ya, I just switched the wires around like 15 times still seems like the motors are fighting each other and going nowhere

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Battery is to small for the ammout of amps your trying to get. Those cheap ESC’s are configured single for a reason.

Its giving 240 amps

If my calculations are correct tho

Also should I connect the battery in series or parallel?

My build is based off this guy’s. hes also using a 150A esc but smaller batteries. His esc is hobbie king I believe. 1010A burst current tho

@Fosterqc u don’t think it will work

@Fosterqc Sorry for writing up here I just ran out of replys because I’m new. What if I run it on single motor setup while connecting both 6s 60c 4000mah in series to the esc. btw my weight is 110

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