Pneumatic / offroad wheels, Anyone tried evolves on diy?

Anyone ever tried to use Evolves offroad wheel kit for your DIY board?

Not sure what the gear ratio is on the ones that evolve sells.

Not much overall information about them from what i can find on homepage - more than that they are 7".

Im refering to theese -

I have been thinking about it, would rather wait on the @psychotiller 6in pneumatics…but he’s taking so damned long!!! :slight_smile:


Yeah but hes so far away from meeee :frowning:

I emailed them and asked more specificly about the gearing on thoose! We’ll see what they’ll say unless someone on the forum with one can reply quicker! Might give them a try!

Keep me in the loop, I’m interested.

Will do. I know alienpoweredsystems sell pneumatic at 8" at 15/72 ratio.

They are out too, as are the 6in.

Oh, totally missed that. I feel like everything I ever wanted to order from there has been out of stock :joy:

Evolves are 66 tooth(at least that’s what it says on the controller). The ones that come with the AT boards are 7’’. The only problem is you would have to cut your trucks because they work like Enertion’s pulleys.

Ah thats a bummer, kinda wanna avoid touching any of the material of my truck.

Does that mean the bearing fits into a part of the pulley that sits on the wheel instead of inside of the wheel?(Not familiar with how the enertion pulleys work)

The part of the pulley that sits on the axle, I think.

Evolves trucks have a step down axle to 8mm. The bearing in the pulley is 10mm. The wheels still have both bearings. Post 70

Anyone know if you can just buy the Evolve GT trucks separately to make things simpler?

You can on their website. I think someone did a build with them.

You can - I bought the hangers from evolve and a set of gullwing sidewinders - much cheaper. Just have to change the bushings to suit - standard gullwing ones are way too soft. Ollin motors fit perfectly


Oh sweet :slight_smile: Do you have a link to the trucks by any chance? I could only find spares for the first gen hangars

just search ebay - evolve Australia sold them to me, idk about evolve US. Could try the EU site?

May just be my eye measurement lacking but the gullwing you have on your board looks wider than caliber?

How are they to ride with? Never ridden Gullwing trucks

standard gullwings come in 9 and 10inch hangers - the evolve hangers are wider. This gives great stability as well. It’s just cheaper to buy the gullwings, then the hangers from evolve because they charge a lot for their trucks, they sell them piece by piece. Gullwing trucks are super carvey - not meant to ride at speeds greater than 30km/hr - thats why you need to ditch the standard bushings and try something a bit harder.

I actually just placed an order from my supplier in China on a 2wd off road longboard kit including 4 pneumatic wheels with pulleys, 2 trucks, 2 motor mounts, 2 motors and 2 belts. Basically everything we need! I will let you know if it is worth distributing :slight_smile:

@OskarCastrone Yes oh yes! do you perhaps have a link so I can check them out? :slight_smile:

@Jebe Ah sounds really nice to be hones, might try them out one day for the carveyness!