Pneumatic setup recommendations for a stiff board?

Hi guys!

Looking to build a new board. It’s going to be very stiff and very flat. My goal is to smooth out the ride with pneumatic tires. Any recommendations on trucks for this kind of setup?

I have been playing around with the thought of using Trampa or similar mountainboard style trucks but I’m a bit hesitant since I would need very “big” angled risers.

Keep in mind, I do not intend any heavy offroading with this setup, I can do that on my other boards. I just want a comfortable ride that takes me over the occasional gravel patch etc.

Cheers, Ronny

there are a couple of options. pyschotiller trucks, evolve, and like you said trampa, or mbs many ways to go here. the deck needs to be able to clear the wheels most importantly i think.

easiest way:

go see psycho, get some sixshooters and surfrodz… wide DH capable trucks and billet wheels with great rubber…



Yup talk to psychotiller. Get some surfrodz rkp or tkp with mounts and some six shooters and you will be set. Good for light offroad, grass etc… sorry for the barrage of vids. This stuff is solid tested and awesome. I love it.


Looks sweet!

Than you so much for the tips guys.

I consider Trampa and MBS in the same category, I kind of hesitate due to the need for angled risers and added height.

Then, if you have to pick - Psycho over Evolve?

Soon our 22mm FatBoy Solid Core Wheel hub will be available for 22mm bearing so for all normal trucks.

This is how it’s going to look. It will fit 6.5", 7" and 8" tires from Trampa


Looks heavy

It’s only 290g/hub

Got a price on those bad boys? :slight_smile:

200 eur 4 wheel hub set



another option is get a set of these adapters + 218mm trucks products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks + trampa superstar hubs. never tried this combo but its on my list and if im not mistaken thats prob the cheapest way for pneumatics

@trampa, Frank, my man! What is this beauty? An evolution on the longboard I rode when I visited you guys?

This beauty fills the gap between a Longboard and our 35deg boards. Extra wide fully CNCed Trucks on a Longboard deck, made from our magic fibres. 12S4P, 165mm urban treads.


Where do I sign? :wink:


Give us 2 months to get the stock.


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Sure thing. 2 months is guaranteed or approximated?

Goal is to build this before summer to complement my offroad board from you guys and experiment.

Not to toot my own horn, but Toot Toot! I’m using the best tires available for what we do. They dont squish out if you manage to make them flat. You most likely wont be able to make them flat. They will still roll if you do, but you probably won’t. Also they wear better than any other tires available to us. trampas, mbs, evolve and skike wear down in a day of riding aggressively on asphalt. Ours still looked new. (this was put to the test by BigBoytoys on a hot day (260lbs. No dispute)

Next, my sixShooters weigh less than Abec 107s.

Next. they are truly 6" x 2" wheels. They spin up faster than larger wheels. This translates to less amps pulled to accelerate. also translates to better roll resistance and mileage. Again, Tested and proven.

Outside of that, not one person that has ever tried the six shooters in comparison to Trampa, MBS, or Evolve has said they like the other’s better.

We will have a new run of wheels available early next month. -If not this month.

-And let me add, I’m not bad mouthing everyone else’s product. It works. But you guys settled on what was available. i made a better offering.