Pneumatic wheels with eLofty DD

Hi, I’m getting ready to purchase a 57KV eLofty style DD motor for an AT street board I’m working on. However, I’m a little confused about how I can get pneumatic AT wheels to work with the eLofty setup. I have a 3D printer but don’t want to ride on 3D printed hubs (happy to print and adapter though).

Are eLofty DDs still worth it?Has anyone had luck with a build like this?

Most importantly, how can I get pneumatic tires on it? Thanks!



This is your only readily available option as far as I know.

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If you have access to a 3D printer, you can 3d print the rims and then buy a set of 6X2 wheels for maybe 60 for a set of 4? 2 of my boards use elofty DD with 3d printed rims and pneumies

Be wary of running these with big wheels unless you run 4x4.


Really? Oh man, that puts a damper on this build.

Do you think with 12s and a version 6 VESC I can do 2wd with 6x2 tires?


Do you feel nervous at all on 3D printed hubs? Have you ever had one break? I have an Ender 3 so I can print them, it just seems like a scary option.

What he meant was the dd will burn out or not deliver enough torque depending. Use torqueboards 110mm wheels.

also join the new forum

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Yep, it’s the strain on the motor with 2wd. If you’re light with no hills and go easy on the throttle then you may be ok.

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Yup, I’ve actually had about 3-4 hubs fail but only once during riding though and honestly I barely noticed… It’s really weird but the sidewalls keep blowing out. The one time it did blow out while riding, it was just a small pop and bump. The 6 inch just flattened out but didn’t come off or anything

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This guy is doing your setup exactly:

forum. esk8. news/t/yours-truly-switchblade-40-eboosted-enc-n-e-s-e-12s4p-elofty-58kv-neptune15-go-foc-sv6-200a-antispark-janux-hubs/19515/20

I will say that it’s probably my fault that they broke because I didn’t print them properly. The original creator has about 1000KM on them with no failure. He uses abs and petg.

I wouldn’t recommend it. Here’s what happened to mine and that’s no hard riding, 75 kg rider and 110mm thane wheels.

With pneu wheels you’ll put even more strain on the hanger.

how so? If the width of the wheels are the same? And I think pnumies will help cushion impacts more?


He’s right. This is why Dexter suggested people stop using AT wheels on his Gen 1 DDs.

I’m not an expert but I believe the reason is that with bigger wheels the motor needs to use more torque and that puts more stress on the hanger. The motor is basically twisting the hanger and the hanger needs to withstand that force. The bigger wheel the bigger the twisting force. (I think. My engineering degree is in software engineering = not highly relevant to the discussion. :slight_smile:)