Pnumatic wheel hub motors. Are those good idea?

I love hub motors and also pneumatic wheels, and pneumatic wheel hub motor sounds fantastic. What do you think are the technical problems to make one? I think the kv must be super low (~50kv) because of the large wheel and direct drive, so more turns, but then the copper windings need to be thinner, which means more heat and less efficiency. but hub motor would save you 100$ and if it can be more robust if it would be sealed.

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Maybe but, You need a lot of torque for pneumatics. They usually include very large wheel pulleys for a very low gearing.

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I’m going to say it depends.

Jason’s were seriously bad ass when I saw them in Australia, and definitely could’ve gotten the job done. I would have used them on my current emtb build if I got my hands on a pair…

Belts get sticks and stones in them, while chains are louder, require greasing, and aren’t rust proof.

Hubz can be sealed (beach + wet riding!), and don’t require any maintenance. The one suffering point is torque, which can be off set if you get super badass massive hubz.


I’ve seen hub wheel scooters which propel people along pretty well with only a single motor. I imagine the wheel is the same size as a skate pneumatic.

Well, I could be wrong. I think AP has some motors that can be used as hub motors. Or maybe the new Carvons


any idea how to make pneumatic hub motor from these motors?