Pocket Rocket|BKB Tayto|BigBen Enclosure|Dual 6355|11S4P|20700B|Surf Rods|Caguamas|S2 Bindings|Unity

Click bait ahahaha This is not done yet, I’m looking for advice from Esk8 wisdom.

I would like to build a somewhat portable board, hence @JLabs Tayto. Don’t need huge wheels that’s why 77A Caguamas. Would also like high gearing for more torque and not top speed, around 15|40.

Now come all the questions: Anybody knows if 11S4P is possible in SS enclosure? Would like it to be nimble and responsive. Tayto kicktail plus shorter trucks should be perfect. So what to get that fits 6355 and 15mm belts? Surfrodz 176, CRonins, E Caliber? Or commission narrower hanger than 230 from @3DServisas @Kug3lis? If choosing SR, is adjustable baseplate worth it @Sender ? RKP or TKP ? For any trucks, I’ll go with @Alphamail bushings as his quality is great. Maybe even tunnel risers also
Would like no fuss mounts that stay put, so cross bar preferred. For that @marcmt88 or @okp mounts. Would love a gear drive but the smaller wheels I think @Kug3lis makes for are 107. Are crossbars only aesthetics? Considering the space between motor mounts and enclosure, @Eboosted recommends TB Mounts that are 113mm in lenght. So if I don’t need crossbars, I might go with enertion clone mounts, unless there is a better short mount option. I don’t really want reverse mounts Idk if @psychotiller mounts are short enough they would fit Inspired by @whitepony Spud build, I’m adding Freeboard S2 bindings.
For esc idk yet. As this will be very long build, Unity might get in stock, flipsky might improve their 6.6, Aurimas might have his 180A esc. We’ll see

Sorry for a long post, here is a :potato: 98DmYtq9W8-6


On a normal build like this, I would steer against adjustable baseplates. Just not worth it in this scenario. Also, I would go with TKPs on a smsller board like this


That is all wrong. I got all excited and then… You are fully off my xmas card list.


Idk, I was thinking of bindings for this deck but is it needed?

There’s a kicktail now

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sometimes a build can take a VERY long time. The less your rush the better :yum:

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What about short mounts for short tkp?

I would want 177 TKPs with psychotiller mounts. It would be super nimble


Im super happy with my tkp SR trucks and tiller mounts. Great ride on a 31inch deck. Ill be moving up to 63xx motors soon. Small adjustments and i was able to fit 6368 and even my 6374 (with wider wheelbase of course) 1538835130811197924369607462696 My current wheel base is 12 inches with 5055 motors, 12mm belts now but its set up for 15mm just waiting on some to get here.

Tillers mounts fit tight. Spot on fitment. And his mounts are thick. No real need for cross bar when mount is shorter and thick. Im completely new to this and his mounts have been a breeze to keep lined up and adjust as needed.


Maybe just a toe hook in the front?

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I thought you had your Tayto deck…I was about to go check my email for shipping confirmations…dammit.

I’ll get it from GB :slight_smile:

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Tayto deck hasnt shipped from factory yet - thats what jlabs said

@Grozniy Might make custom deck protectors :smiley:

How long are his mounts from axle center to the farthest point?

I didn’t get it about deck protectors :thinking:

Carbon fiber x-things for the tayto/spud deck

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About 4 1/2 inches

I’m using the spud with 177mm tkp, @psychotiller mount, 50mm axles, freebord bindings, kegels, and single 6355. As @Sender said, the board is super nimble, yet I can still take it up to 27mph without worrying about speed wobbles. I’m using riptide magnum/canon krank 90a both front and back.


Would you suggest a 70mm axle for dual 6355’s from looking at yours?

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You might be able get by with 60mm but it’s gonna be really tight. Go with with 70mm and stick one of the 5mm spacers on the outside of the wheel.


That might fit with enclosure