Poco-Loco // Trampa Offroad // HS11 // 9 Inch Wheels // Unity // Dual 6374 170KV // Europe/BE

Longtime lurker here!

Bought an Arc Board (penny) more than a year ago… Got hooked so badly! However, I have a lot of off-road trails close-by. So I need something new to get wherever my penny cannot.

I present to you:



  • Trampa HS11
  • 9 Inch Wheels + Primo hubs
  • Maytech Dual 6374 170KV 8mm, sealed
  • Two left Trampa bindings?
  • Nano-X


  • Focbox Unity
  • 12s5p 30Q (+ everything to self-assemble, including spot-welder)


  • Idea motor mount
  • Trampa Pully (for Primo Hub adapter)
  • Middle-mounted casing
  • Lights
  • Phone charger

Long-term plans:

  • F5 bindings
  • Elastomere dampers
  • Etoxx silent drive

The goal is to build an affordable (LOL) trampa beast by Spring. I try to buy most of the things on deals, to shave off some precious euros off the price… I am currently out of money, but I plan to buy either the motor mount + pully or Unity next.

I have no idea what to use for the Primo hubs, open for suggestions.

Pics below.


Lies and deceit


Brent, you nippleless impatient wanker :kissing_heart:


IMG_1464 IMG_1479

Two same-side bindings: IMG_1503


You guys are to quick for me!

That hs11 deck is so sexy and rare now.


It is, really wanted it for my own build but they are no where to be found :frowning:

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@Afrovis, what are your plans in regards to the identical bindings?

There’s a 3 bolt pulley stl on the bergmeister wheel thread, maybe modify that to move the holes in or out, they will of course be set at 120deg as well

Not sure yet, any suggestions? I might contact Trampa to see if they want to swap/sell me the single binding.

I’ll check it out, thanks!

Right. So it wasn’t your intention to order identical bindings, but rather that this is what was sent with your order? Get in touch with Ted at Trampa. He is generally the one who packs and sends the orders. He’ll fix it up for you.

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If you ordered directly from them than just write them an email. They will sort that out for you. Usually that’s no problem.

Edit: what @ArnhemAnt said :point_up: :sweat_smile:

@ArnhemAnt @Andy87 I didn’t order it from them directly, sadly. I’ll get in touch once I plan on buying something else from them directly.

Although I would prefer F5 bindings in the long run.

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Proper en netjes!

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Can just recommend the F5 bindings. If you anyhow get new ones. They maybe look not that good as the ones from trampa, but they super comfortable as for me.


Got the big-ass motors. Dog for scale.

Question: I plan on flying by plane with my board (plan to move across continents in the summer). That (and the insane torque) made me lean towards 6s Lipo’s, since I can find them under 100Wh. Apparently you can take multiple like this.

What do you guys think about building a 12S2P Lipo pack with: Turnegy Graphene 4000mah 6s 45c - 78EUR Or with the cheapest version (quality?): Turnegy 4000mah 6s 30c - 36EUR

The Unity can take max 120 amps (5000 watt at 44V), so I’ll have plenty of power left with both options. 360Wh pack in total, hopefully around 20km range.

My goal is to build a decent budget Trampa. My long-term plan is to go Li-ion, for the improved range and durability. But for now, maybe I can cheap out a little bit to allow air-travel.

Any Lipo users who want to chime in?

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Here is my part list, will be updates as I buy new things.

I ended up going for cheap 6s 4500 mAh Lipo’s for flying in a plane. The goal is to be able to transport the batteries in my hand luggage, since I’ll be moving continents after the summer. The 6s4500 is exactly 99Wh, which is under the max of 100Wh.

Cheap Lipo because I’ll probably upgrade in the future!

I’ll build my board at the end of April, while waiting for things to ship.




Had to cut costum-spacers to be able to fit the Primo 9 inch spokes (thicker than 8 inch ones). First time metal cutting yay! Then I ran into problems with my slave pulley touching my motor mount, so cut 5mm of my 35mm hex spacers (connect wheels with slave pulley). Ended up ordering new 30mm ones because I’m not precise enough yet and I had problems with one of the 6 hex spacers. They should arrive soon!

Also cutting the motor mount spikes (1 attached) to the correct length.


Soldered the connections between the motors and Unity (also first yay!), now I need to create the series XT90 to XT60 connector to attach my 12s2p LIPOs too my Unity. I will be using a 12s BMS because I’m lazy and would hate hobby charging.

It’s scary, DIY’ing your own beast skateboard with no experience. But so so rewarding!