Podium deck | Caliber II | 90mm flywheels | 213kv | Enertion mount | 5000mah 10s | VESC | 2.4Ghz Mini remote

I was able to plan my build based on other peoples builds and the comments that others had about them. So to hopefully help someone in the future to plan their build, here’s what I have put together and why I picked these components based on my research. I am definitely not a pro at this so feel free to let me know where I messed up!


Podium longboard deck from customskateboards.com

Caliber II trucks (picked these because I the Enertion mount is compatible with these)

E-Power Flywheels 90mm(picked these because the sidewalks by where I live have many cracks in them. 90’s will help to get over them smoother)

DIY bearings and spacers.

Single Turnigy 6364-213kv outrunner(I want to use 10s batteries, and I believe this motor can handle the current and is a good balance of torque and speed. Correct me if I’m wrong please)

Enertion motor mount

14T motor pulley from DIY 36T wheel pulley from DIY

265mm 9mm belt from DIY(seems as the 15mm 14T motor pulley from DIY is out of stock. Will hopefully go for the 15mm when they have more)

VESC from Ollin

2 Turnigy 5000mah 5S 23C batteries wired in series

2.4ghz mini remote from the current group buy

IMax B6V2 V2 charger

Still researching a possible Anti spark switch, wiring configurations, different connectors I will need for all the leads, possible battery meter so I can know how much gas is still left in the tank.

For the pro builders out there, how does this look?

not a pro, but looks like a decent setup to me!

12 or 15mm belt definitely the better choice for a single drive though. As well not sure if 213kv for 10S is not a bit borderline with a VESC in regards to the max ERPM on a full charge.

Maybe someone running 213KV @ 10S could jump in here?

I have read through that thread. A lot of good info and experiences there. I just wasn’t sure if 213kv and 10s was too borderline.

He’ll go over the eRPM limit by about 2600, but it should be okay. You have a bit of wiggle room with the 60k limit. Luckily cells don’t stay at 4.2v for too long, especially with voltage sag.

I’d recommend getting name brand bearings such as bones super reds. I’ve had good experience with the lesser known NEAL bearings as well.

Be careful of using 9mm belts on a single motor setup as they my snap during hard braking and accelerating, especially if your a heavier rider.

For the remote, be warned I’ve had some problems with it, but some others seem to have better experiences with them. My thoughts here: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/2-4ghz-nano-remote-in-stock-30-pcs-usa-50-free-priority-shipping-international-45-shipping/5017/232?u=jinra

Thanks guys. I’ll opt for a thicker belt size and thanks for the suggestion for the bearings.