[POLL] Calling all torqueboards/vedder switch users!

Not sure what your talking about, there Gate-to-Source Voltage is the same, +20V. Most of there characteristics are similar if you could pin point what you mean.

And @torqueboards like @longhairedboy was saying using these 75V MOSFET’s seem to help a lot and prevents them from failing so you may want to look into that instead of 60V DirectFet’s.

Ha! I was totally looking at a different 7530 that had a 10v gate-to-source. Never mind! They are the same. Good news!

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@JdogAwesome - Thanks for the heads up. I think the amps for 75V were less might require a 4th mosfet depending on how high amps someone would go but I’ll definitely look into it and test both.

Relly glad @torqueboards is working on these direct FET switches, I wonder if they will cost more than the regular ones

@Eboosted They’ll be the same price but no more broken ones :slight_smile: We’ll improve the design if we still have issues and the switch will be warrantied. We most definitely need a reliable switch.


Angry ?? No pun intended. I just found it funny, because as soon as you said back then that there are no switches that fail my first switch that I bought failed instantly. :slight_smile: That’s what I call “FAILED SWITCH KARMA”.

Hi TB, I bought my switch a while after this post of yours (Bought around Oct/Nov 2017, first power up, switch failed). Have dropped you an email.