POLL: Carvon delivery times (Website, Kickstarter rewards, Group Buy, etc.)

Totally agree with you on this, more hype and better videos are needed to get people aware and onboard.

I’m new to all this and I backed the EXO campaign as my first electric board. It took a bit of finding. I became interested after trying a Boosted v2 for 5mins, I was hooked but couldn’t stump up £1500. I wanted the best board I could find for under £800.

I went through loads of video reviews and forums (including this one) to find a good value board. The name Carvon kept coming up and I eventually found the Indiegogo page. A couple of emails and further Carvon talk on here and I pulled the trigger.

Now I’m really surprised that only one more has been taken since I gave my money last Sunday?

How many EXO’s are there in prototype, can someone do a good review / comparison and upload, it would have really helped me make the decision faster and with more confidence.

@DilatedPupils Did you get the progress update email today?

For those who are not in the KS circle, Here’s the latest news (#32) from CarvOn:

**Posted by CARVON LLC (Creator) Hey guys, sorry for the long absence. The design of the V4 has proven to be a real challenge.

V4 SpeedDrive with Replaceable Wheel Inserts

V4 SpeedDrive Motor Caps

This is going to be the final design of the V4. We are very confident in it that we have ordered hundreds of them already.

V3 to V4 Iterations

The leap from V3 to V4 was surprisingly difficult for us. We wanted a non-screw attachment for the V4, much like the one for the V3. We originally used our gear-like V2.# motor cap but the holes in them deformed the wheel inserts because of the heat from inside the motors. We removed the holes, but found that the molds for the wheel inserts will be too expensive because of the complex gear design. Eventually, we opted for threaded holes and a simpler design. But we still had to make some precise re-calibration of the dimensions, just to make sure the V4s and the wheels will fit on the axle.

Magnet Ring

We have also included a magnet ring to help keep the magnets in place. The next step for us to do is to have hundreds of the plastic wheel inserts done. Then we can finally wrap up the V4 saga.

V4 SpeedDrive XL

Because of this, we have incurred higher than expected expenses. So we have decided to be more aggressive in selling on our website, including introducing the V4 SpeedDrive XL which is longer and has more torque (85kv vs. the 110kv of the original). The XL is the same motor as our much-loved V2.5, and now even better cause it comes with sensors.

We truly apologize for the very long time of getting your rewards. We do want to make sure that what you get has been designed properly and fully tested. Nevertheless, we do understand that for some people, it’s a bit too long and something personal may have come up. So we do want to remind you guys that you can approach us and ask for a refund. What we are doing, including you guys, our valuable backers, is re-defining the future drive-system of Electric Skateboards/Longboards. We are all pioneers, and we hope that you stay stoked!

Thanks, CARVON Team


Considering all the new stuff coming out and the recent update…

What are your thoughts? Thoughts on the adapter? Thoughts on Carvon essentially coming back to DIY?

The adapter looks really great. You can see how much thinking, tinkering and adjustment has gone into it. Looks like I have to be a bit more patient.

I haven’t heard much about the torque drive lately. Is that still a thing? Will it be able to run the psychotiller sixshooter pneumatics?

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Back to DIY, I hope that means the EXO will still go ahead? I know the campaign isn’t going strong at the moment but it would be a shame for all the excellent work not to hit the mainstream and catch on…somehow😕

Yes regardless if it hits goal the EXO will be made and sold

I would love to jump on the Exo train, but Jerry is a busy man and I have a lot of questions he is yet to answer through email. If he can’t take the time to answer questions to a potential costumer, I’m not sure if he’d be good with communicating once the incentive of me giving him money is gone…

@Michaelinvegas, if you could get in touch with him, I would if he answered my questions through email. That will decide whether or not I get the Exo

Just remember he is one man, rarely will the CEO personally email you at the scale jerry is currently at. Sounds like he is just understaffed

I get that but when then maybe he should focus on putting more information about the board on the website.

Questions I have are the following:

What cells is he using in the EXO? Specs show 5.5Ah and he responded in an email that he uses samsung 18650s. But I know of zero cells that have 2750mAh and there are definitely zero cells with 5500mAh

What ESC is he using? In an email he responded that it is not a VESC but that it behaves just like FOC on VESC and that it could be a clone of VESC. So is it, or is it not? Wouldn’t he know what ESC he is using and whether it is based on VESC 4.1x, VESC 6.x, or something entirely different?

How much would it cost to get an EXO with the SD XL drive This is my main question. Can I get the EXO with the SD XL motors? If so, would it cost the same, if not then what is the proce difference? He responded that I should jump on the EXO as the price will increase soon but did not answer whether I can get the SD XL on it and if so how much it would cost.

Not terribly hard questions to answer. It could all be written in the website but the info there is somewhat vague.

Koowheel battery Chinese esc from DIYeboard

If you want V4 drives on your exo. Order one of each, then you can always just plug in your V4 drives to your exo. 4 bolts 8 plugs.

I understand that it can take time, and he is trying to ship out the best product possible. I don’t mind waiting as long as I am kept in the loop. I bought an evo and exo that where supposed to ship in 4 weeks and didn’t receive a single communication other than an automated invoice. It would have been nice to have at least a one liner saying shit happened your board will be delayed by x.

Can’t wait till tomorrow now. I was under the impression maybe carvon had beat our stator size (due to larger diameter), but it seems like we still have a larger stator than.

Will be exciting, packing up the car now for the trip down to LA!


You’ll get to test them out tonight actually :grin::+1:, see you in a few hours.

@Hummie , Will you be gracing us with your presence good sir?


No not ready in every way,. so close. excited to see how it will go in future years.

I happen to be in SoCal right now, so I’ll be heading to SPD2! Super excited.

I can’t wait to try out Carvon’s as the only chance I got was on a single V2.5 when Michael came for an unfortunately short group ride here in SF. Can’t decide between the V4 SD vs XL, but bought an XL just in case. :wink:


Thats awesome! Do u have a board with you too? Youll get to meet Jerry, the inventer of the Carvon ride experience.

Woops saw this message after meeting you at SPD2. Lol :joy:

AWD custom class duel was lit!

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Yeah! It was! Luke and I were both pushing hard. I wanted do a second challenge with the AWD Carvon V3 board but that didn’t work out since my board got crashed.


Still waiting news for the EVO 2WD, I don’t think any of those went out yet, tell me if I am wrong… no news for a while, feeling bad about this. I feel like having thrown a lot of money to fire… If anyone of you have some news, don’t hesitate to share please, even in personnal message. Best

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