POLL: Carvon delivery times (Website, Kickstarter rewards, Group Buy, etc.)

After going through the thread I wanna help Jerry out for free but not sure how I can be of help as I’m outside the US :frowning: If anyone knows how I can help Jerry out in terms of getting the product out there or helping with customer support or whatever or even just sending him beer let me know! I’d do it for free because I want to help this awesome community and Jerry for the product he is clearly putting alot of effort into!

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I wish we could but I don’t know how, and with no news it feel like he doesn’t want any help at the moment or there is simply nothing we can do. In a wonderful world, I would hope he is signing a bit contract with a company that’s why he cannot say anything and will come back to us with wonderful news…

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When I talked to Jerry a few weeks ago. What he was looking for was somebody to work on the communications part. He is just unable to respond to emails and direct messages from the forum because he’s got his hands full on machinery.

I have tried to be helpful to him and relaying messages for some of you but taking on the responsibility of emails would be hard given my actual job and family.


If he can get back to me I’d be happy to offer help on that area if he needs someone answering emails though I am currently in a different time zone as He is I can help him out between my job and downtime. :smile:

Did you email him like I mentioned? Not old email. I meant a new one

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@MrHappy sent an email hours ago but I can send another one now. What email should I use? Or do I stick with the [email protected]?

That would mean he has to actually keep in touch with you and given that he cant do that with people within a half hour drive. I find it highly unlikely it would be of any benefit to anyone

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Yeah I figured that would be the case indeed. Not being able reach him even in the same state appears to be difficult lol. Well I’m still open to it if he ever need another hand but yeah he has to be able to get his communications through with his existing customers first

I sent you and @MrHappy a DM per Jerry’s request

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Thanks! I sent a reply just now.

Still waiting for a kickstarter 4WD board. If you have any news?

No… I think the only 4wd that have been send was for someone who paid the full actual price, not from kickstarter campaign…It looks like the priority are on EXO from indiegogo and XL drive at the moment. I hope he is gratefull for our patience at least, long time we didn’t get any update on the campaign.

Yes. I saw the video with the 4wd. If he starts with building the indiegogo campaign we have still monthes to wait… He probably started with providing the full prices builds because he needs money to go. I hope the situation will improve

I perfectly understand he is too busy to reply all requests but short messages like “i am ok. Don’t worry. Things are improving and all orders will be fulfilled. Thanks for your support and patience” on the KS campain update channel would be quick and easy. And relieves our concerns with the global Carvon health…

Jerry is an awesome engineer/builder, but he is not as good in terms of organising or communicating… I noticed that since my first v1 orders :slight_smile:

Let’s cross fingers and hope he will make it

“He needs money to go”…worries me. What happened to money from KS backers sent 18 months ago?

Just my hypothesis. Jerry seems still to be working hard on the project. Wait and wait…

As with most KS and IGG fundings, they are used to pay Chinese factories for their minimum order requirements before they produce parts for you especially for the lower cost ones that require a very large order. So most of the time, the creators of these projects are not taking the money to buy themselves anything extravagant, backers are basically investors who is willing to take the risk. Jerry assembles motor parts that are made in Chinese factories along with truck parts made in the US.

@pierres I just saw Jerry today when I went to Psychotiller’s place. Still alive and kicking. Three EXO boards should be out the door soon.


Any update on the xls?

Hey guys just wanted to report in, I received my exo pro last week. Now just waiting on my evo. The estimate i was given was “Ill try to have them shipped by the end of the month”

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Still waiting. Only 10 months late as of this post…

An update from the horse’s mouth on timeline , eta or issues would be nice even if it’s a lie.