Poll: desired range

[Edit] I closed the poll given that the selections were way too big. Will post a new thread.

How much range do you guys generally like to build for? Purely out of curiosity

  • 0-10 km (0-6 mi)
  • 10-15 km (6-9 mi)
  • 15-20 km (9-12 mi)
  • 20-25 km (12-15 mi)
  • 25 km + (15 mi +)

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15+ or bust


60 miles or bust for me.


Must be able to ride across US on one charge if not, then its not right.



10 char

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All my boards have 20+ mile range that is the minimum for me and even with that I get range anxiety. I honestly feel more comfortable with 30 mile range so I can ride faster and have more fun on the same distance trip. To some people this may sound like a crazy range or excessive but I’m really heavy and I do long group rides where we ride fast so my requirements are different than others.


40 km @non flat terrain and ludicrous mode

Hey man what did you get out of your evo with the 12s4p? Curious is all as thats my next construction. Practically identical to your one. Oh and I’m heavy too 230lbs and ride like I stole it. Hoping for 12-15 miles


Interesting, is the long range because a lot of us are riding for fun instead of for transport?

My commute is a 20km roundtrip. I have a second charger in the office but what happens if I forget to charge, or have to leave in a short notice or have to pass by somewhere else on the way home?

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I take my charger everywhere. I actually went to the grocery store the other day and made them hold my board behind the customer service desk and talked the lady into plugging it in for me while I shopped. Lol


Well if you had a 30+ mile range you would not have to, would you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No… my board now is a 6s. I have no range. Its terrible. Can’t wait to get my 12s5 from Tiller.


20 is ideal. Group rides are always in the 10-15 range but if it’s ride, recharge, ride again. A drained board would not get back to 100% quick enough. So the less I have to top off the better.

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I get more than 30 miles from my Samsung 30Q 12S5P on thanes and that is with hills and top speed runs thrown in. Say goodbye to carrying your charger when you receive your battery. I have ordered some six shooters (among other things as you very well know :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) and I am worried how much range I will get. You could say I have become spoiled with the range I am currently getting.


But at least you’ll look fly as hell walking your dead board with that @psychotiller hat on. Lol

I’m pretty sure what you lose in range is going to be outweighed with the new comfort and smoothness of your ride on those 6shooters


can’t wait for my @psychotiller hat too. :grin: I don’t think range would be that much different than on six shooters than 107s plus the weight I recall is the same as big thane wheels too!

Me too. However let me tell you about the last time I had to push my dead board. Imagine having planned to ride around this lake on my board during this summer (total distance 28-30km )





Then the board breaks down 7km away from home, your wife has left her mobile phone inside the house and she is outside in the garden and you have to push an 11kg electric beast wearing/holding all your safety gear (TSG Pass, motorcycle jacket, TSG SK8 DHP kneepads etc) under the sun at 30C while every living creature (ducks, swans, cranes etc) in the lake is laughing at you (either that or it was the heatstroke :roll_eyes:)

Next year I am doing it (pneumatics or not) and if I don’t make it, you will fly down to Greece and push me back home :rage:


They won’t be laughing next time, they will be to distracted by your sexy Precision trucks.


Poll is broken if we only get one choice.

I keep a light, short-range, board WITH TAIL and also a heavy, long-range board on-hand and charged at ALL times. 24/7/365