[POLL] How do you break most belts?

We all occasionally break belts. How do you break most of yours?

  • Accelerating
  • Breaking
  • Normal cruising
  • Randomly

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Belts only break when small stones got between the belt and pullies

Ah I would add that as a poll option but can’t edit anymore. Bummer.

I think there was an extensive topic about belts already.

Sometimes they break because of too much tension being applied to them and then accelerating / braking hard or riding over gaps which cause high impacts (happened to me once)

Haven’t had a belt break yet, knock on wood

According to my own experience belts won’t brake because of excessive tension, greater forces during hard acceleration put way more stress than belt tightening.

However if the drive wheel has wobbles and the belt is tight they put an immense ammount of stress and would likely break pretty fast.

So tightening the belt on a clean and wobble free pulley should break a belt easily

Belt cans only break in tension, how they break is based on how well they are maintained and used. Belts don’t have much on a treatment or way to be maintained other than don’t stress them too much.

So to add enough tension that it doesn’t slip but not too much that it makes the pulleys bend inwards.

I have never had a belt break, not even when rocks get stuck in them. Running dual drive with 9mm belts a little loose.