POLL: How many of your friends ESk8?

How many of your friends eSk8?

DIY or Pre Built

  • Zero

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

  • 5

  • 6 plus

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Zero! But I mean who needs friends… cries in corner :cry:


Only people I know are people I’ve met through the forum.


Ok you asses didn’t correct my grammar?

No offence, but I seem to get why Onloop kept the polls secret for all that time :smile:

Ontopic: While this is still a niche market, I guess most of the peeps will be cruzin solo…


Well the questions I ask are meant to be reflected upon …

I want this to spur meet ups…talking to your buds abt getting into esk8 … Etc… Not meant to spam the fourm

I requested a separate category for polls

I put 6 plus.

You’re all my friends


I have a guy in my computer science class with a Yuneec Ego. Its so fucking heavy

The feels Bara

You’re all my friends but my real friends don’t have eboards. They want to build them for $600 AUD. Pretty much impossible without cutting corners. Motor mount would have to be DIY.

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So far

find local esk8ers, make group rides and become friends :wink:

Lol rare breed those e-sk8 people are rare breed around here

Only a couple through the forum, and we try hunt down any pre-built esk8s to talk to them etc. No luck so far.

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