Poll: What trucks are you using?

randals v1

No MBS trucks?

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where is the option for “diy steel over kill monster shin crushers” ?

I need an option for Other because I run in that category now.

There was going to be an option called “I’m @fliess” but I refrained

haha, yes, how could you ignore? :smile: Seriously, I just cloned a hanger from https://atlastruckco.com and left baseplate untouched.

You certainly made it look easy, I suspect that was just a ruse though :wink:

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Pushing this up for new voters. :point_up:

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Carvon and Some random front truck from an old longboard. Seems fairly good.

modified my vote to include Surfrodz :yum:

Sometimes I’m really surprised there’s not more people using surfrodz trucks. But then I realized there’s only like two people on this site making anything that will fit them. It’s surprising to me how many builds there are in the +$1400 range on $30 cast trucks…

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Availability is also an issue outside of the US. Compounded by the wait on mounts.

I’m in the UK so any surfrodz purchase plus mounts will cost me £80 in import duties and postage minimum - on top of the price of the trucks. I want to use them on this new hummie deck. Holding out for @Kug3lis precision trucks

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Thats probably why there isn’t enough interest to get them @kug3lis custom trucks for SR Base plates :disappointed_relieved:

I might end up having to grab a Tb218 truck for the rear if that won’t be pushing through. Shipping to Asia is pricey at $40 for the trucks. Difficult to swallow for a single order :neutral_face:

Trying to get a count on people interested for @kug3lis SR compatible precision mounts if you do happen to find yourself with a set of SRs :wink:

Isn’t @Kug3lis selling a Precision extended hanger 4 caliber trucks?

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yup you’re correct but I was hoping to use my SR base plates with his gear drives and I’ll need a different precision truck for it :persevere:

Edit: Precision hangar to be exact

@Wraith Use the SR in the front, get one of @Kug3lis hangers and all you need is a single caliber/tb/Randal baseplate. You can get the Randal in 35° (perfect for the rear) for $14.

*and your riptide pivot cups will fit that base plate as well

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Thats a brilliant solution. I thought I’d have no other option but to either go with the SR compatible hangars or tb218s.

I’d be pretty annoyed if they di happen to produce them later but whatever gets me on the road faster is what I’ll go for

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Tb trucks are for budget builds, yours past budget build long time ago lol.

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Damnit. Yeah I guess I was lying to myself when I said it was gonna be a budget board. :rofl:

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