[poll] which Lithium-Ion batteries are you using?

series count?

  • 6s
  • 7s
  • 8s
  • 9s
  • 10s
  • 11s
  • 12s

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packs in series count?

  • 1p
  • 2p
  • 3p
  • 4p
  • 5p
  • 6p

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Amps count?

  • 40a
  • 50a
  • 60a
  • 70a
  • 80a
  • 90a
  • 100a
  • 110a
  • 120a
  • 130a
  • 140a
  • 150a
  • 160a
  • more

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which is your favourite brand?

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • A123
  • Other, leave a comment below

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which is your favourite model?

  • LG HG2
  • Samsung 25R
  • Samsung 30Q
  • Sony VTC4
  • A123 26650
  • A123 18640
  • Basen IMR 26650
  • Other, leave a comment below

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TB 12s3p 80a 333wh

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which is your max speed and range aprox?

Unfortunately I can’t comment yet :frowning: I had some trouble with another component of the build so it’s not ready to go yet. I’m going to try a run on Saturday with single drive and see how it goes.

170kv 16/40 pulleys 97mm flywheels. Weighted showed 24-26mph I think. I can look later after work or you can plug those specs into the esk8 calc. I weight 210 lbs and probably carry an extra 15lb for safety gear, phone and some tools… I use 12wh per km to be conservative.

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12S 4P Samsung INR18650-25Rs baby. 80amps continuous. 10Ah, 430 watt hours. 25 mile range, 35mph+ top end.

and the price is sooooo right on those cells for the quality and performance they provide. ITs kind of a no brainer.


All of the above

Just ordered an 8s14p pack Tesla (panasonic) cells. I couldn’t find anything else that had the energy/power density

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at 14p you could use any cell you want with a decent discharge! cant wait to see that

Well I need 220+ amps and many cells don’t really do so well under load (actual wh at a given amp draw) plus I like how robust the tesla cells are to deep discharge etc. Might look into those IMR that lhb mentioned above. Got a 14s14p in CAD that I need to pick cells for

Are you building a Tank?^^

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Not exactly I just need a lot of watts and am really inefficient with it. I’ll post a build when the parts come in