Polyurethane Belts

Anyone tried then? From what I read it should be much more wear resistant and with the same tensile strength

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I wanted to order one but somehow didnt. Price difference wasnt that big in my case. Yes seller also said they are more durable…i assume perhaps a bit more stiffer than rubber, too

You have to be aware, that there are 3 different tooth geometries available for those belts. Each of them requires it’s own fitting motor and wheel pulleys. You can’t mix them!!

HTD5m with glass fibers T5 with steel fibers -> double the tensile strength of HTD AT5 with thicker steel fibers -> triple the tensile strength of HTD

I used a Synchroflex belt on my board, I’ve swapped it out once due to the belt becoming misshapen. That was due to the early days when the bracket started bending. I’ve since straightened and strengthened it and still going strong.


@Duffman I will keep an eye to the different tooth profile, thanks

@JonathanLau1983 nice to hear, unfortunately i’m out of lucky trying to find them around here