Pomelo board? Is it junk?

So I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this add claiming 23mile range. So I was like “oh great another ‘longest range’ board, probably a scam” I go in to check the specs which they completely burry under a bunch of junk but once you find it, you realize it’s 206.3Wh. Anyone else tired of these misleading boards, realistically you could probably get 10-12 miles if they are really good liions and dual hubs.

All production boards are junk compared to our more high quality builds. Give us a meepo and we’ll think it’s a childs toy simply because we’re used to boards with higher specs.

In my case my board can go 40km/h and has a range of 60km. All this for under €1000. I haven’t found a production board with the same price tag and specs until this day.

If you’re looking for a boosted board with a lower price tag then Pomelo is a viable option.


Well no I understand that they can’t achieve our specs but that’s not what I’m complaining about. It’s the fact that it has completely false claims because on a 206.3Wh battery you will achieve no where near their claimed 23 miles

thats 20km no way in miles

Well… that’s how the market currently is I’m afraid. They’re testing under conditions we’ll never encounter. They also inflate the specs so it appeals more to the unknowing consumers. It happens everywhere, not just in the esk8 market.

23 miles 5700MAH, vs 12 miles 6500MAH makes sence.

lmao, even their videos are misleading. Speed video in their press kit is clear sped up in post production, maybe by 2 or even 3 times normal speed. Other videos, they cut every 1.5 seconds to another video so you can’t really see anything. And theirs even a picture of a guy bending forward super far, like it has too much power, haha.

I just find it funny how anyone can put one of these together. It’s really not hard and requires no experience what’s so ever. Go to alibaba, ask for a board with your name on it, sell it on kick starter or indigogo, and boom, success. People bought have no idea what they are getting or how it compares to what they could have. Theres a dozen similar boards somewheres and after the crowd source campaign, you’ll never hear about this “company” again.

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What doesn’t make sense is you measure range in wh, not ah… Guy clearly knows nothing about electronics…

Also, since when did evolve have hub motors?


Nah, if he wrote WH people could easily tell the battery is smaller.

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The whole campaign is so disingenuous. When they describe the battery they say “the same battery that is in electric cars!” … Imagine a person completely new to esk8; they’d have no way to know that is a misrepresentation of what they are buying. The same is true of the ridiculous range claim… and that claim is their most emphasized feature.

An honest ad campaign would be so much better - call it an “introductory electric longboard” sold at a “budget-conscious” price.

They’ve generated $68K with this campaign. We’ve seen it before; in a about 9 months we’ll have 100 or so people complaining about the failures or the low range. My hope is that the boards sold last long enough to get people into esk8 and DIY,


Not only that – but there are “58 mile” commercial boards you can buy, or 25600mAh at 10S

This isn’t the “World’s Longest Range Electric Longboard” by any measure. It’s not the longest range, it’s not the longest range commercial board, and it won’t even get 38km with 206.3Wh.

So they lie. They just want your money.

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Junk. U think there would be more regulations in businesses like this. :thinking:

The other day I saw this guy here in San Fran with one of the first Acton Quatro (in costumer’s hands today, I believe) out of their kickstart launch. Spoke with the guy, saw the board and I was impress. Is heavy but well built. Is sturdy, stable, black, Aluminum body and saw the man’s Acton App… his travel map for the day was 18 miles, all over the place Fishermans Wharf, Van Ness Ave., Market St… “I haven’t drain the pack yet” he told me. Acton add promotes the $ 1.700 board as capable of 22 miles range. Now I believe they are not lying.


Yeah I saw one of these on my college campus and it look insane in person, he commented on my board but I didn’t get to ride it. Says the torque is insane.

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Eats SF Hills for breskfast!

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There is actually a standard benchtest for battery milage performance (Cant remember the name). Which means the number you present is alot more realistic and can be supported by the documented test. I dont Think that there is a law enforcing the standard at the moment tho. Leading to the example above.

just for the record, Acton quatro has serious truck issues at the moment. not sure if they recall them but basicly the hanger bolts get snaped off. they also copied Avenue truck. and I checked they were not in partnership. they’ve been lucky not to get sued so far.

Acton knew these problem from the kick start, so they limited the top speed and changed the shape of the truck a bit. Which is why I didn’t buy it and diyed myself.

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Acton as a company has a really bad customer service reputation


Yeah Brian, 'am one of its critics. But this time I am given them the tumb up :+1:. The Quattro seem robust (a little heavy) and with the promised range (about 23 miles). Saw it myself. The guy showed me the App with his 18 mile circuit from that day and the battery was no near depletion.