Pool e-cruzer, commuter, all-rounder 4th build! Thanks you guys

So my first post but 4th/5th esk8 build. Thought I’d share my experience and most recent setup to help any others out there. When I started out I just wanted a half decent esk8 (in terms of tech specs and power) at an affordable price and I decided best way to get good value for money was to build my own. ESK8 No1: A home-made longboard deck with plastic box strapped to the bottom. Turnigy kit parts (80mm wheels) Just looked shit, but great fun and got me hooked! So much so I decided I wanted to ride it to work from train station every day. ESK8 No2: so I stuck the same kit on a mini freestyle deck (no pop, cut outs both ends, 20" riding platform), made a better looking bent metal enclosure (still fat) which kept falling off, rubber grip tape to stop it wrecking my suit on the cummute. BUT …Too short/unstable and I didn’t like the fact the deck had no concave. ESK8 No3: Lush freebyrd deck. Split bent mental enclosure (still fat though), cool grip tape design (well I thought so anyway). Nice carving up and down hills back home. Too long/bulky for commuting though… carrying on train a pain. Dealing with going up/down curbs in city a nightmare. Not my style. ESK8 No4: It is weird to think how my needs have evolved way beyond where I started out… I have now built an esk8 that:

  • Is small enough to commute with every day (short enough to hold by trucks with arm straight and not drag on floor).
  • Can be manoovered through street terrain where I work in the City (has kick tail)
  • Great for carving on narrow roads and hills (longboard trucks, soft bushings, no wheel bite, shortish wheelbase).
  • Can be ridden on dodgy tarmac and dirt tracks near where I live in the countryside (lots of torque, big grippy wheels)
  • Has enough torque to push my 13.5stn ass up the steepest of hills
  • Has enough top speed to thrill
  • Has battery enough to only need a weekly charge if commuting
  • Has a stealthy, pro looking enclosure
  • Can be charged without removing batteries
  • Has visible battery meter so I can chill out knowing how much gas is left in the tank.
  • Has on/off switch not just loop key.
  • Can connect to my phone so I can geek out over telementery data after rides.
  • is a bit funky and different.

Some lessons I’ve learned that might be useful:

  • Turnigy kit from hobbyking really is a good place to start - it is good value for money, lasts ages, motor is just right and gets you going on minimal budget.
  • Dont split lipo batteries unless you have spot welder or equipment to solder aluminium tabs!
  • Don’t go cheap on Bluetooth adapters especially if you have a Pixel2 phone - it is fussy!
  • You can mould ABS in the oven if you make a basic two part frame mold (see pics). No need for vacuum former! Also you can bend it round concave of deck using heat gun!
  • You can take lipos on the plane to channel Islands asking as they are not damaged and in battery bags.

Ok, so specs on the final board: MOTOR: Turnigy 125kv motor ESC: Turnigy 60a VESC BATTERY: 10S Lipo 5000mah battery pack made of 2x3s 5000mah Turnigy 35C packs and 2x2s 5000mah Turnigy 35C packs soldered in series. 10S BMS (cheap off eBay) set up to charge only. WHEELS: Rough stuff hybrid wheels 110mm 85a Zealous Bearings (built-in spacers) DECK: Classic Moose Pool Deck 10"wide 33" long TRUCKS: Calliber II clones set up with Kicker Hawaii bushings (cones on top) 90a - super bouncy.

Top speed: 22mph Range: 12miles commuting daily

And yeah, next job - a big fat 149 or 190kvm motor upgrade and a new motor mount.

After that… Make a proper off-road duel motor setup using my freebyrd deck and neumatic wheels.

Then make my carver (surf trucks) deck electric.

Oh the fun never stops!

So, last thing to say is MASSIVE THANK YOU! to all you guys on this forum - learned so much from you all, and it is so cool what you innovators have made possible for us!

Advice for any newbs: Do the reading - I mean everything! Form your own opinions by reading and considering everyone elses before you buy anything. Take time to understand the VESC inside out and set it up properly. Start basic. Wear a helmet.

IMG_20181229_120809 IMG_20181229_120824 IMG_20181229_120838 IMG_20181229_120917 IMG_20181229_120731 IMG_20181101_102428

Making ABS enclosure using oven and frame mould: IMG_20181031_095638 IMG_20181031_095658 IMG_20181031_100948 IMG_20181031_103019 IMG_20181031_103835 IMG_20181031_105853

ESK8 version 3 ( too long for commuting) IMG_20180820_205230 IMG_20180820_205218