Poor Enertion Motor Performance. Faulty BLDC Tool? Please help

Hi all,

I built my own electric skateboard and the enertion motor was working fine to begin with, it had quite a bit of power. My friend also bought the same motor. Both of our motors appeared to have a substantial amount of power in them when they were taken straight out of the box.

Then, we noticed, after connecting our setups to the BLDC tool and attempting to configure our specs accordingly, this drastically slowed down our motors. We are 99% sure our motors performance decreased after trying to utilise the BLDC tool. we are using version 2.18 (Mac OSX).

additional info:

  • we are using 10series battery pack (37v) 9900mAh
  • batteries are always fully charged

We have tried anything and everything to resolve this issue but are yet to find the answer. Copying the setups others have used on YouTube etc. hasn’t helped.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Post your settings up as screenshots. Don’t take them with a camera :wink: