"Port Disconnected" error message

So I am trying to program my vesc with the BLDC-tool and I entered all my values correctly and when I press “start detection” under Motor configuraton>BLDC the motor jolts a little then I get an error message saying “Port disconnected.” I noticed that even if I turn the motor by hand I get the same “Port disconnected” message. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and what I might be able to do

Did you hit connect first on the right COM port and did it say connected successfully?

yes because I already configured all the stuff under Motor configuration>motor

Is it possible the vibrations are disconnecting the vesc? What vesc is it?

no because the motor barely even spins like it just gives a quick jolt and that’s it. its the vesc from torque boards

@torqueboards could you take a look at this?