Positioning of Motors

Mono Motor: What are the pros and cons to putting the motor on the left, right, front, or back?

Dual Motors: What are the pros and cons to putting the motors in the back, front, or diagonal from each other?

For a single motor it should be on your heel side. More of your body weight will be on that side.

For dual motors both on the rear and diagonal would offer the best acceleration. Diagonal would probably be the best between braking and acceleration.

I’ve heard the heel supports more weight before but wonder if it’s true. I’d think ur weight would be evenly distributed or you’d be turning

Front wheel drive is way preferred by me

bad for traction though

I find better traction when braking down steep hills where I need it. Other than that I’ve never lost traction

Well in terms of braking, weight shifts towards the front. Having brakes towards the front will be significantly better than having them in the rear.

That’s why most cars have larger caliber disc brakes in the front rather than the rear.


But (i think) with esk8s it’s a little different, since one would loose balance braking from the front, like it happens on a bike (getting “thrown off” when braking with front only at high speeds)

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It makes sense that front wheel drive would improve braking downhill. Seems like it would also improve traction when accelerating uphill since you’ll usually be leaning forward and putting more weight on your front foot. What about turning? How does it affect turning especially if braking into a turn or powering out of a turn? While we’re on the subject. Can someone who has tried 4wd pipe in and share there experience?

My guess is that heel or toe shouldn’t affect Much and the weight is distributed. Front or back wheel drive made a huge difference for me and don’t like rear wheel drive. Losing traction has never been an issue for me in any situation using front wheel drive but I stand largely over the front. I think front wheel drive, with its extra weight, helps stop speed wobbles as I’ve never gotten them no matter how loose I have the trucks. Maybe not the weight but the power keeping control

All the variables…I think it’s more so what u like. Hugely different between front and rear but probably get the same watt hours to Miles…but never tested.

I wonder, when you choose a symmetric deck, doesn’t that make your board uni-directional with the right VESC settings and a reverse-throttle button on your controller? If so it would be really easy to try out front wheel drive vs rear wheel.

Make it bidirectional yes

You could also get the best of both worlds and go dual diag :slight_smile:

My skate caddy has dual diagonal. Considered making the axles live , pinning the wheels and using all 4 at once.

I ride on my toes, so I would disagree with that. You shouldn’t be putting more weight on your heals.