Positive to negative and

Today I change my bad BMS to a good BMS, and when I was try to find a way to insert my BMS this happen:


What do you want to say? Basically you shorted your bms with some pole

I like how you recorded it.


Best idea ever. Record ALL making just in case

Thank you XD, i fixed my camera to the chair XD

Yap, i will make a tutorial, but i have A LOT time recorded. I should recorded the important things

A lot of exposed live parts in that battery, try a bit of insulation tape :slight_smile:

Take this as a constructive comment: You are being careless. No kapton, no tape, no eva foam, no fish paper and you go ahead bare hands… You are playing with fire. If you want that battery to survive a single day you must focus on insulation a lot more.

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Looks like you shorted it out with one of your contacts touching the battery. The bms might be dead but at least you’ll remember to put tape over the exposed contacts now!

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I buy the kapton tape, but is still arrive from china, and next time I will be more careful. But the fish paper i have, is between the nikel strips and the batteries cells. Should i put some fish paper above the nikel strips?

I look better in the video, and i touched the negative connection (batteries and BMS) to a positive between 6 and 7 Serie. I think the BMS is safe, and after that i try to smell the bms for some burning components