Possibility to modify or re-build an Evolve Gen 2

Hey, I am interested in some DIY parts on Enertion and DIY and I was wondering if anyone here hasmodified an Evolution Gen2 with either a larger motor and re-programmed the current VSEC installed or swapped out the VESC that handles more power on the current motor? Or possibly swap out the motor and Vsec over all for a dual setup and keep the battery and such from Evolve.

I just came across a Gen 2 for a really good deal and would like to modify it to be more snappy on the streets. Any info would be so helpful…

Thanks, Chris

@Enigmacpl03 Someone did a battery mod of the Evolve Carbon (gen 1) a while back. It might have been on EndlessSphere.

I tried to look for that thread and nothing really came up on EndlessSphere. ill keep digging. Thank you for the info.

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@Enigmacpl03 here it is, by our very own @whitepony