Possible 6380 Motor Defect?

So my bit over one year old 6374 motor has finally met its demise and I needed a replacement… So a couple days ago I bought one of the new 6380 motors. When it arrived, I noticed the cir-clip was rattling freely on the motor and I fixed that issue by adding a bit of weather foam between the mount and the motor. So all fixed, right? I use by board to ride 4 miles each day, to and from school, and I need to have my board working every week day if I can. So on my second day with riding the new motor, I notice a strange sound coming from my new motor, subtle, but noticeable. I flip the board and look at my motor too see something silver between the motor and the can. It looks like something is lop-sided inside of the can because the silver is only at part of the motor. I know the rattle at the high rpm is the cir-clip, which I can fix, but the low end quiet rattle is what I am curious about. Here is a video showing it:

Should I contact @torqueboards and get it returned or should I try to fix the weird noise, and the silver sticking out?

Check your idlers. I had the same noise from my 2 6374’s. Once I removed the idlers or put pressure on them, all the noise stopped. Check for loose components on the mountand make sure the motor is tight on the mount.

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I believe that TB uses the old factory that I used but can’t 100% confirm. I had these issues with the motor and the manufacturer described it as “resonance”, but I thought that was just a BS excuse for their shitty QC so I didn’t sell them. I haven’t taken them apart to see what is causing the sound as I just don’t feel like it

After you do that, if it doesn’t fix the issue the next step is to open up the motor itself. This is much easier to do than you might think if you have never done it before. Or return it, I don’t really know DIYElectricSkateboard’s return policy very well but it certainly can’t hurt to contact them if the motor is unused.

Looks like a rpm linked resonate vibration.

Something is loose or out of balance.

If this motor has really small screws like the some do around the can tighten them. One user had a resonate vibration that this fixed. I was an alien motor though. Or if there are any grub screws in the rear tighten those.

If not you could try various other ways to balance the motor.

**Edit after looking at some other motor issue threads, loose magnets can also cause strange noises at some rpms.

What about this silver thing you talk about, can you get a close up photo? Might be the magnet retaining ring has moved.


Get in contact with the reseller once you have identified that the motor is making the noise. You have warranty after all. If you wait too long or start messing with the motor without their consent, your warranty may be void.

Don’t use this motor and send it back. I had one motor (different motor) with the same noises after a while. It’s getting worse very quick and after a couple of rides it’s no more useable. Especially the same strange noise when you spin the motor by hand was in the end 10-20 times louder as in your video on my motor plus some mechanical resistance.

I don’t know this motor but on my motor I couldn’t find the problem after disassembling and hours of :face_with_monocle:. There were scratches on all magnets but nothing loose.

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do not open it contact @torqueboards for a replacement. If you open it your warranty will be void.

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Ask, and you shall receive… 20180920_180248 20180920_180300 The cir-clip is loose, so that may have some correlation with the noise.

So over the course of riding to school for 3 days, which put about 8 miles on the motor, the noises have been progressively getting worse, so I’m going to go try and get a warranty claim. The cir-clip is loose, which rattles when riding, there is a clicking sound when spinning the motor, and at a certain rpm, the motor becomes extremely raspy and loud, so I’m inclined to think there is a loose magnet or something else loose or broken inside the motor.

Noob question, but should I try to contact @torqueboards via this website or on his store?

@Brontech - Email us. Do not open the motor. :slight_smile: pages/contact


Told you so! :rofl: