Possible Lipo Alternative


They say this lipo variant can last 1000+ cycles.

Interesting option. Haven’t seen these before…

They are brand new, but “graphene” is likely a marketing gimmick. Nevertheless, testers are having good results with them after charging and discharging 1000 times. They are being posted to hobbyking as we speak: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/RC_PRODUCT_SEARCH.asp?strSearch=Graphene

graphene is a legit technology! I’m not sure how these packs are using it, but the electrical awesomeness of graphene is no gimic. I remember when the guy who discovered graphene could store energy, he did it by accident and discovered he could run a light for 5 mins after 1 second of charge. if this technology is filtering down into batterys then that can only be good news.

also I have heard of a simmilar technology that uses graphene, carbon, and polyethylene to create a nanofilm that prevents Lithium batteries from catching fire…


all of this is true. Graphene is not a gimmick. I’ve been following this and all things nano-carbon for years now.

This is exciting! For now, I can’t tell whether the size\performance benefits are worth a battery upgrade from lipo (I’m thinking probably not). The next time I’m buying batteries I’ll be on the lookout for how these have performed.

I more interested in their longevity. My e-boards don’t seem to tax my 10c multistar lipos, so performance isn’t an issue (racing multirotors are another story :wink:).

i want to know how robust they are vs. physical damage and over charging.

Those 10c multistar’s have been on sale for a while now :slight_smile:

They were even cheaper when I ordered them on Black Friday.

This look promising, comes with a hefty price tag.


Too bad they don’t have 4S 12000mAh… they have a 10000mAh though.

I fail to see whats promising about these lipos compared to cheaper, lighter and thinner packs. I can almost buy 3 Multistar lipo’s for the price of one of these.

@trbt555 The technology sounds promising; high capacity and longer life; although the first-gen packs here don’t seem like a great deal to me either. Very high discharge rates (I’m seeing 65C), not that I need more currently. I think that charge rates are high as well, which could be great once there are lower-cost chargers that can feed them.

I have been following Nano-Tube tech battery construction as nano-tubes will nearly double the electron carrying surface area inside a battery offering half the size for current capacity or double capacity for current size.

I just had a talk with a guy who did research on lithium batteries. This is what explains why Graphene is called the “magical” elements in batteries.

  • 4x higher density, means more capacity in smaller form factor
  • Graphene is a 2D material, so thin and structured assembled in the cathode / anode of the batteries (depend on types)
  • Since Graphene has less resistance, it’s no surprise charge and discharge rate can be at higher amps
  • Since it has less resistance, it means it’s more efficient and also runs cooler
  • Graphene also add special properties to battery preventing further more the memory effect of battery = more life cycle
  • Simply greener

I’ll get one for my mountainboard build and update everyone

So is there any update already for the graphene? Is it worthed to get over standard lipo?

Hobbyking is on back order for a lot of the high capacity ones so people must have ordered them

It still doesnt answer the problem of if they are worth it. I would like to get either a standard lipo 6s 10AH or a lithium ion cells of 6s 10AH or a graphene 6s 10AH. Pricing wise the graphene and lithium ion one cost almost the same, but what about performance and life cycle. Thats the question.

Take a look at the rcgroups thread I linked in the first post. They perform very well and their voltage sags much less under load compared to normal lipos. Their IR is also extremely low, even after 1000 cycles. These batteries may cost more than normal lipos, but they perform much better and last way longer.