Possible motor issue?

Hey I have a motor that free spins and makes a strange noise compared to my other one that is silent. Just curious what it could be.

Both motors spin and drive just fine but wanted to check.

It’s the second motor I spin that I’m curious about.

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1st of all forget the 4k. avg computers can’t play 4k on youtube. I do all my youtube vids in 720p 60fps It looks fine and plays smooth. I was able to hear the audio from you video and the sound of the second motor is terrible. Something is defiantly wrong. you either have something caught inside the motor or your bearings are shot or your motor is scraping on the mount or mount screws. Try removing the wheel and belt and spin the motor to see if it still does it. Actually, now that I think about it, sound like the wheel pulley scraping on something. Or it could be the set screws that hold the shaft in the motor.

I just recorded it off of my phone. Wasn’t paying attention to the settings.

I’ll check all those things out. Appreciate the input.

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Figured out what it was…Little metal piece that holds the motor wires close to the deck had just bent into the motor housing. :slight_smile:

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Easy fix then. Thats good news. You must have a killer phone that can record 4k!

Just an samsung s7. I was pretty impressed it did 4k. I wasn’t aware.