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Possible to use various remotes on different boards?

I’m pretty new to DIY and eboards in general. I was wondering if it was possible, feasible, or easy to use a remote from another brand (say Boosted’s remote) on a DIY board like the raptor/VESC. Hope this question isn’t too dumb.

It probably is possible. It would be possible on the raptor and some chinese boards. Boosted use bluetooth and no one has ever tried to use their remote on a different board. They probably have their receiver built into their esc. Not sure about evolve either.

Definitely not a dumb question.
Here is a link to TB’s site. He offers several solutions for control that are very affordable.
My favorite its the Mini RC remote which comes complete with a receiver.
It used 2 AA batteries. I put lithium AA’s in mine back in Dec. and they’er still going strong
Dependable connectivity, excellent throttle/brake control and one of my favorite points is that
you power up your board then turn on the remote and it is instantly connected. No waiting several seconds through beeps like some of the blue tooth remotes. this is great cause you can stop and get off the board and turn the remote off then turn it back on again when your ready to go.
And at only $60 for remote and receiver, its a bargain!
BTW, the steering knob is removable.
RunPlayBack uses the same remote. I would like to hear his opinion on it also.

or just get a g2tb thats <$30

Thanks Namasaki, would this work straigh away once hooked up to the VESC? Or would I have to configure it as well? I’m new to the VESC and the tool in general.

I’m not positive about the Vesc. I use the Torqueboards 12s Esc and there was no setup between the controller and the Esc. Just linking the remote with the receiver and everything else just worked like plug and play.
check with Runplayback, he uses this remote with the Vesc.

I just sent runplayback an invite to this topic so you should get an answer soon
There is lots of setup on the Vesc but it should make your board run as smooth as a store bought with a lot more power.

@Namasaki @Jinra yeah Torqueboards remote is great, no problems pairing with my VESC and the small size is perfect for stealth. I have my JST cables hotglued on both ends of the connectors and have never had any connection issues. I ride in very rough terrain so it says a lot about the durability of the receiver. It’s no frills but it just works so I have no complaints.

Some size comparison between GT2B w/ badwolf mod, the mini rc remote and the Nyko Kama

I think you could use this,searchweb201602_4_10017_507_401,searchweb201603_6&btsid=1e2438d4-f9ce-4477-ba65-486b21c5006f