Post images of Your build!

Hi everyone, im thinking of starting my 3rd build and i want to make it the best build ive made. Ive got €800 to spend. Post images below of your complete builds of enclosures and mounts and motor covers etc! Go wild! Post em all!

Here’s my build with a kydex enclosure :grinning:


Looks great! @ndwallick

Well now I don’t want to post images of my build because it’s way uglier than yours :stuck_out_tongue:

@mattdig Show us haha! No one will judge it :slight_smile: heres mine without the enclosure on


haha thanks! I’ll lower the standard by posting this pic of my first build with a tupperware container :joy:


What esc are you using? @ndwallick

That’s much better!


Im using Chaka’s vesc for my newest build. It’s been great so far.

@mattdig still looks good! What esc are you running?

Ah i see it been all good yeah? @ndwallick

It’s a Castle Talon 90A (Heli ESC). It can’t coast, it doesn’t have an adjustable brake (just on or off), it’s also lost 1 cap already and one of the motor leads has broken off 3 times. But I’d still refer to it as “reliable-ish”.

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@mattdig do you mean it doesnt have cruise control? Also are the breaking and throttle good/decent? The breaks on mine now are rubbish, not even worth having them!

I mean that it can only be accelerating or braking, there’s no middle where the wheels can spin with no power, so pushing is literally impossible. And the brake is very powerful.

I dont quite understand, can you explain a little more? And ok this might be the one for me :slight_smile: @mattdig

@mattdig I used a helicopter esc on my first build (the tupperware one). I thought it was okay at the time. But now that I have used the vesc I could never go back. @Charster10 I would suggest an rc car esc if your gonna go with a hobby grade one cause they are designed to have good brakes (not just on or off).

Every time I would brake with my heli esc the wheel would just lock up :joy:

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@ndwallick ah ok i see. Do you recon the breaking and acceration would be decent on this? The only reason im not going with like a vesc is because I wont use the board loads and also because well i havent spent a penny over £230 for this build so far…i aimed for £300 max but came way under so trying not to spend to much to finish it off

Mine at the moment but just starting a revamp of the board with new deck and enclosed battery compartment.


Looks good! Whats esc are you using? Also if your looking for a new deck i have some in stock. if you want to see, pm me :slight_smile: @2-alex-2

Was just a cheap goolrc 80a 6s but looking to upgrade esc soon. It’s ok I have a guy custom making me a here in the U.K.

Im in the uk aswell :slight_smile: they are only £25 per deck and shipping is £4 if interested :slight_smile: