POST YOUR BUILD! New site for sharing builds!

Hi !

i’m working on a directory where anyone can share their esk8 builds (photo, parts, performance stats, upload esc/vesc-bldc settings)

I know there are some people here working on similar ideas like @evoheyax and @Okami, i took some ideas from them, don’t be mad at me, i just want to show my vision and contribuite to esk8 world.

my esk8 builds

i will appreciate any feedback! :slight_smile:

some features

build details

edit build parts

user profile

bookmark builds

Autocomplete based on users builds

Share your ESC/VESC-BLDC settings file

Edit performance stats and also you can put a link to the building process on this forum


That’s a cool idea! Once mine is finally built, I will totally use this!

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So many new websites and apps coming out in the past few months, I love it! Website looks nice, good work!

Wow, great job man @tueboard

How much time did you spend creating this?

Did you do this alone?

Design looks quite good…

That is a point we never finished, though we had some ideas on how it should look… (build log view page)

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thanks @Okami !

  • i did this by myself, the design is bootstrap.
  • i’ve a 75% code from a similar side project.
  • i just added some features (upload esc settings, edit performance stats & some info) in about 6 hours more or less.

i saw your post, in my opinion gathering data from ESC to show “Average Wh per mile”, etc… is not usefull as sharing ESC settings to help people to get the same performance results and also it’s easer to code because there are a lot of ESC’s out there.

new features

1- you can attach a youtube url video in your esk8 build

2- instagram account to discover the best builds follow esk8builds on instagram

next steps

  • gather data from all users to give recommendations.

  • a section called “improve” to help people to improve specific specs of their boards: speed, range, weight, charge batteries faster…

Feel free to give me your opinion, i will appreciate it!

The website looks clean, feels light and fast. I like minimalistic approach and colors. It also looks good both on the phone and desktop :slight_smile: Nice work!

I would like to suggest search / filter function as a future improvement. When the database gets larger it will be nice to find all builds with SK3, for example.

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Also, maybe categories? Like hubs, mountain boards, belt drive, etc.

@rpasichnyk @Esrapp21 good ideas! thank you :slight_smile:

This is a great idea. I was literally wishing there was a thread or dedicated website specifically for builds last week, and here it is.

I’ve already uploaded my build to it. (see if you can guess which one it is based on my username). Can I suggest a cost stat for builds? That way if someone wants to do a similar build, they can see what it might cost before they start it. Also, perhaps an option to upload more than one picture for a build? Sorry if that’s already an option, I’m just having a hard time finding it.

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Interesting idea, thank you!

i will put the price as an optional field, I don’t know if it’s just me but sometimes i feel a little bit bad to spend a lot money in this hobby …

'if you got lots of time… would be nice to see some small icons next to some or maybe even all categories of the specs!

Though I know this is something for later… when you have improved all the other areas of the site probably :slight_smile:

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I love how this is becoming exactly this forum for builds :slight_smile:

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@Okami done! there are 4 different icons: mechanical: pulleys, wheels… electronics: motors, controller, ESC… batteries: switch, lipos… others

@pennyboard done! you can edit the average price in the form inside “Edit stats & info”

then you can see the AVG price at the top of details page:

@rpasichnyk @Esrapp21 at this moment there are a few items so i put a search box to find buils with some specific part, for example mini remote controller.

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Damn, that was quick! Love your work! Awesome!

now you can see the parts sorted by type :slight_smile:

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Woops wrong thread

nice to see some esk8 boards in the directory, so thank you!

perhaps you can also publish your page on endless sphere! I believe there could be a few more ppl interested in such a project as not everyone with an esk8 is on this forum :wink:

General section for scooters & esk8

Post your esk8 thread.

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Hello, have just got into the realm of longboarding and built my own eboard. I have the VESC a 350kv alien motor and flysky gt3 reciever. I tested it for the first time yesterday. It works ok, but i have the following issues:

(In duty cycle mode and bldc mode)

when I let off the throttle i get an annoying squealing sound and the wheels lock up or feels like a brake is on

when I am on the throttle it is not smooth, it feels like all or nothing, large amount of deadband

to get the board going from a standstill it shakes and feels like it is cogging but once it gets going its ok

if you know what settings in the bldc tool would help with these issues please let me know, thanks!