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Post your jerry-rigging shenanigans

solder joint broke so key, tape, and a spare belt.


this thread could later be called “why I lost power and now have injuries”. I’m covered in wounds and broken body parts from bad connections coming loose at inopportune times.

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where does all this lossing power=being thrown from the board come from? i have yet to have that happen, ever.

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case split

used this piece of bracket to hold it together till I got home.

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its either the battery wires coming loose or the receiver wires or the can bus connection. at worst I’ve had ghost accelerating from the receiver wires, or losing one motor’s power with the can bus, or just losing brakes with the main battery wires disconnecting. and that was my biggest injury as it happened going down a steep hill and I had to abandon ship.

My whole board at the moment. It will look nice ehrm…one day.


oh look,… MacGyver himself

I’m laughing so hard!! :joy:

LOL I didn’t think it was that funny.

seems like all that has ever happened to me was i coasted to a stop.

ahhhhh. yes losing brakes on a hill at speed is no good. ouch.