Post your personal favorite deck for esk8

Along with a couple reasons why it’s your top pick As well as some runners up, if you feel they deserve mention

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Arbor Backlash 37 is my favorite…has all the plusses of a longboard, the concave is not too aggressive, and the kicktail is money…I love it


gold enclosure on a woodgrain deck? that’s like 70s classy, nice


Would this classify as bias?


This is going to be different for everyone. Because everyone’s feet are different and like different shapes and edge profiles etc…

But my favorite decks made from Bamboo & Fiberglass

Maple is good… But I like Bamboo better…

Decks with a cork layer on the top or bottom help with vibrations


I think the Bustin Royce Pro is as close to ideal as it gets for a snubbed-nosed shortboard. Basically a Jet Spud with a more functional Kicktail.

I’m also going to remanufacturing the Nelson Batray with a specially routed or bottom to easily accommodate thin enclosures. The esk8 version’s shape will be similar to this DB Lunch Tray


Res Ember Bludgeon…aka @treenutter. Litterally the best looking deck on the planet IMHO. It’s also rides great, is the only drop deck built for esk8 and @treenutter is cool as ice cream.sprinkles :grinning:.


Zenit … Freeride… sadly not available anymore

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That bustin looks kinda like the tesseract i recently picked up…I’m not sure how I feel about it yet as I’ve only ridden it briefly without a battery and motors. I plan to slap a 12s5p I have and my new hummies when they come in to it.


Man what kind of scooter is that thing electric? I’ve been looking for an electric as I’m part of a moped club but all my bikes are gas

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Yeah me too, If my Rayne Fortune V3 didn’t have funky fat bottom construction I would sacrifice it to Skatans evil stepbrother ESkatan :smiling_imp:

I am amazed I don’t see a bunch of builds on Rayne Demonseeds, Nemisis, Reapers available in a bunch of lengths with the same featured platforms. First built for downhill/freeride but since adopted by the LDPush guys cause they are really comfy. Nice deep drop front & back and deep tub concave with a flat middle that it gives you a nice flat bottom to mount a enclosure. Top mounted the cutaways give you heaps of clearance for 107’s, sixshooters what ever your big wheel preference is…


Sector 9 Kiss of Death, Nice concaves, micro drop and nice pockets for sliding, accelerating, turning etc. Can be top mounted for more clearance, indestructible, little flex. Just an amazing deck overall. Sadly it’s been discontinued image


that looks like some landyacht deck

with a 15mm cutout underneath. the wood and carbon group buy


Landyachtz Switch 40 Owl. I haven’t used whole a lot yet but so far pretty good deck.


@Hummie my 12s4p for that deck is currently being constructed, and i believe the bms will have to sit on top of the cells so i plan to make a custom kydex enclosure and use either the new hummies or carvon xls, whichever comes first, my bets on the hummies though haha




right now my favorite is “shuggah” by red ember boards but every week I’ve got a new favorite!

DISCLAIMER: I designed and hand-built this deck, and I sell them too :slight_smile:

PC: Jonafin Marvin from blackboard jugle


essentially no consensus, that’s interesting, i was expecting a few common boards to pop out

three of the last 4 pics are very similar I’d say. going wide and long is a help for speed and to attach cells to. low for stability.

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yeah, but i thought there’d be a handful of decks that are universally loved for a couple reasons